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Weekend Three Of 12th and 13th November 2018 Divine Activations Feedback.

29/01/2019 - Testimonial Posts

More amazing testimonies from Weekend Three of CAEAYARON’S Divine Pineal Gland Activations with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel 12th to 13th November 2018 💙

“The energies today were amazing!
Higher than I have ever experienced before and even though I didn’t see as much as other people I felt much more than I usually do.

I learnt to grow in the love and the gratitude. Overall it was an awesome day and I can’t wait for tomorrow and the rest of the week.

I would just like to add that since being activated my studies outside of the activations have become much easier for me and I have really excelled. Exams are less stressful and I take in information far more efficiently than un-activated people do. Using what I learned at previous activations I get good grades and things flow in a more beautiful way!

I’m excited to see what and how things will change for me after these activations. I am so grateful that I was able to attend.”

Ramon Hagler - Star Sacred World Healer, Magnetically Attuned Healer by CAEAYARON, New Zealand/Switzerland


“Firstly I would want to say a huge thank you to Suzanna, you are amazing, I know are looked after and get blessings, but still, the hours of channeling, the energies and battles you deal with. Incredibly grateful.

Level 3 Activations:

Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great was channeled through for the first time during these activations. I enjoyed his channeling because I could feel the blessings coming through as he spoke about “Blessed are the ones who desire to listen, desire the higher path, and desire the words within their hearts.” He spoke of “Live in the Love each day”, “Will you forgive self and others each day”. These words meant so much more coming from the Great Father himself.

Halisarius came through and explained more about what the Star Beings have done for us in the past, protecting England was most important, and stopped destruction. How they are helping us at this time, by protecting our healing grid and reminded us to call upon the Star Beings, they are here for us. He also stated “stay in the love” a strong message for me.

We are growing slowly in the healing grid at a pace we can all deal with, which is wonderful, otherwise we might all think we have gone crazy. Spiritual families are very happy, which took me back to the first level activations when I got to see the fireworks going off when I ask my higher self to help me get back to sleep. (Not much sleeping got done that night).

A Komo Ha Halima.

Caeayaron’s energies are coming through so strongly, not sure sitting on the front row was going to be too much, but even though strong it was amazing and not too strong. He explained about the light and dark, how it is all a big game and that now a light cloud is coming to earth. The darkness is losing the game now but not giving up.

The whole Level 3 has been an amazing experience. We can feel so much difference already. The healings are happening already, and our spiritual gifts have intensified.

Everyone who wants to grow in the love can experience these beautiful gifts, and because it is in such a controlled environment everyone grows at the rate they are capable of. The shared experiences in the room show this, and you can feel the excitement and amazement of everyone’s experiences.

If you feel a calling to Suzanna’s channeling I urge you to come to the activations as soon as possible. Do not waste any more of your time, because the quicker you become activated the more you can grow. It’s not just these experiences, however, the teachings are so beautiful and meaningful we are learning so much.

The main focus to me was “Project Me”, heal self before healing family and then healing others. The teachings would go deeper into this and explain how we are connected to grids, and connected to earth and the universe.

We have been given beautiful manuals with messages from Divine and meditations and exercises for us to grow and explore after we finished our course.

I am so grateful to myself to have made it to the activations. Also very grateful to my two teachers Kathrina and Jacqui, who taught me so much on the Love Frequency course in preparation for the activations. A beautiful way to do lots of healing and learning to help understand the information at the Activations and I feel because I did so much healing before coming I was more ready to grow, and appreciate the whole experience.

I wrote pages and pages during the Activations, so much information I could share, but instead I suggest you come to the Activations yourself and learn, grow and feel the experience, believe me you WILL NOT be disappointed. AMAZING! THANK YOU!!!!”

Petra Creighton - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON, New Zealand


“One thing that I really resonated with was allowing yourself time to heal because many times, if I don’t allow myself to heal, I end up getting lost in an inauthentic version of myself.

During these activations, since they are so focused on Project Me, many great ideas are both formed and bolstered by the great wisdom of Caeayaron. Truly inspiring for anybody ready to embrace a positive transformation in their life.

One time when Caeayaron read the room, he talked about a few of the gifts that people had in the room and it meant so much to me and my family. I have been getting deeper into Astrology and just to have Caeayaron acknowledge it as a gift saves my father a lot of concern. Especially since it has allowed much forgiveness for our family.

I am so grateful that Suzanna offered me a personal reading with her specially crafted energy cards. It meant so much to me because I am very interested in growing my sense of self as Caeayaron wisely suggests.

At the end of the activation, Suzanna and her guides lead a ritual to open us to the Universal Love Realms and it had a profound effect on me, as I am more receptive to the thoughts than the feelings. I felt my temples and the top of my head in general, vibrating in a way I have not felt before.

It has to be said about how open and welcoming that everyone at the activations is, as love is such a cornerstone of the activations.”

Kyle Savage - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON, USA


“I particularly like the section on the DNA. It was so metaphysical. How it relates to the earth’s magnetic grid and our DNA. I learnt that sound can affect our DNA, hence the toning. Not to mention of thoughts as well. Very practical indeed.

It was important to understand the Divine Mission clearly too, so that there will be no confusion at all.

Understanding our Light Suit is important too & how we are different from the Human grid.

Enlightening to know that there are so many layers of dimensions in our human self.

Overall, very metaphysical & at the same time very practical in approach.”

Wong Weng Tuck - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON, Singapore


“The flows of love and the teachings during the third Activation were incredibly beautiful and stronger than ever. We were gifted with teachings about our DNA that will help us to heal deeply and to enhance our lives so that we can grow into the love and hold the greater flows coming.

The meditations and training about our light bodies were experiences so beautiful and the healings that we received amazing. We received a new manual about the light body that I cannot wait to read and study to understand how blessed our lives can become and how much I can grow.

At the end of the activations we were enormously blessed receiving the privilege of participating in the creation of a stone circle.
Suzanna Maria Emmanuel toned so beautifully and made me feel literally connected to the grids of the Earth, experiencing the oneness and feeling so connected with everyone and everything.

The gifts received and the love will be part of me eternally.

Thank you Divine, Star Beings of Love, and all the Beings in Spirit that were present.

Thank you Suzanna Maria Emmanuel for your love and dedication may many more desire to join us to heal the world and transform it in a planet filled with peace and love.”

Mónica Carvaja Salmerón - Star Sacred World Healer, Magnetically Attuned Universal Love Teacher by CAEAYARON, USA/Spain


“The flows in the activations were incredibly palpable and healing. I received much confirmation, healing, integration and alignments into a higher perspective. I enjoyed the whole process and I felt very loved and supported throughout.

I recommend this course to anyone alive right now as it offers healing and knowledge for everyone who comes, no matter what stage they are in, I can guarantee that you will make many friends and receive many welcomes and smiles to prove that this course of activations is so real that the people and type of people who are drawn to this are so loving and nice and lovely that it just shows the quality and effectiveness of what happens here.

I recommend it to everyone for you will receive many amazing life experiences and “healings” or attunements that will change your life in a good way.”

Tom Nath - Star Sacred World Healer, Magnetically Attuned Healer by CAEAYARON, England


“Thank you Suzanna for channeling the most beautiful energies of Caeayaron, Sovereign Lord Emmanuel and Halisarius.

I am in the gratitude for the gifts I have received from Divine to heal my energy body.
The learning has been great, always remembering it’s about Project Me. Sharing the love, the goodness and the new found heart energy and bringing this love to the people.

Healing our DNA, we rise higher with being activated toxicity doesn’t affect our bodies like it use to. Being able to use the Violet Flame to protect us in our daily lives.

Staying grounded in our daily lives, learning to trust in Divine, using the sound of music to heal and release anxiety, depression, being able to manifest greatly to enhance our energy bodies.

These self-nourishing exercises are so very important for our growth and here sharing this time with others from all around the world brings a sense of magic. The magic here is like no other.

Elizabeth McMillan - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON, New Zealand


“This is my second time coming to the Activations of Caeayaron. Each time is beautiful in its own unique way. This time was a much more powerful experience for me.

If you desire to learn to heal, love all of life more, manifest greatness and live a life in a true love foundation, then this is the place to be!

I learned how to program my own thoughts, DNA and even crystals! I have found a new appreciation for life, myself and all of mankind.

On a scientific level, I have discovered how DNA works and the power of the mind and how they link into personal sacred gifts to align to higher purpose and strong creation energy to grow and heal.

I feel deeper support from my spiritual guides and other powerful beings in the love. I have gained a special lens to see the lessons within my life to overcome any obstacle and to see deeper into my true hearts desires.

Having the ability to have my own spiritual skills and control my own life with my energies is something I never thought possible until I came to the Activations of Caeayaron. Never before had I realized the potential of my own being to control and direct my own life through frequencies, desire and thought. I feel stronger and more stable mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I received the gift of better remote viewing and learned how to use it to see opportunities through past and future and to see opportunities of deeper healing.

By far the best experience I had this weekend was becoming part of a Stone Circle, as if I myself was one of the stones and felt the ancient energies of times past. Those times are no longer lost to us, but have been waiting for our return. The time to come back to those energies is here, along with the return of the Great Caeayaron.

Thank you Divine, for helping me find my way back home!”

Kaylynn Pagoria - Star Sacred World Healer, Magnetically Attuned Universal Love Teacher by CAEAYARON, USA


“This 3rd Level of the Activations I gained much greater knowledge about DNA, Light Body Stages, Our Galactic Love Teams and how all work together with us, holding greater love flows, our spiritual mind and state of beingness.

However I was much more excited to have FELT the love flows. To feel my light body expanding. To have been part of an incredible portal opening and experience the shifts within me. To hear the higher tones calling me upwards to new highs. I am truly honored to have been here to personally grow and witness the growth of the Universal Light Grid Programmer, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel at this time.

Thank you to all Divine Beings for bringing me to this opportunity, everyone needs to experience it for themselves, so don’t miss our on the next activations!”

Karen Savage - Star Sacred World Healer, Magnetically Attuned Universal Love Teacher by CAEAYARON, USA


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