Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

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To Heal Your World Heal Yourself

19/01/2019 - Latest News

Namaste, I wish you much love and great awakening at this unique and special time of the Ascension Gates of The Great Divine being open on human earth! ❤️🎉🎶🎉❤️

CAEAYARON states that the first and highest Ascension Gate to the higher universal spaces closes in 2020, when a beautiful wave of light passes through the earth spaces; which only those activated by CAEAYARON and his Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer will be able to hold into their earth grids.

The last and final Ascension Gate closes in 2032 in this last human life time of THE CHOICE of free will. All things are reflections of self yet so many wait for other to heal and save themselves and the earth for them; while they remain in their lower unactivated grids which play the disease, aging, death, war and fear based collective realities of the unactivated.

I pray that all choose to become activated into the higher earth grid reality of collective love consciousness guided by Divine Will, at these times of the separation of higher activated and lower grid separation, and changing magnetics of the earth. I wish you much love. Stephen I wish you  ❤️☀️❤️

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