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How can there be only ONE WAY UP


Namaste, I wish you much love and wisdom,

How can there be only ONE WAY UP out of the conflict and disease created by the many ways of men, who desire their own will to be done on earth, within the illusionary 'I can do what I want' consciousness?

Please forgive me for a little naughtiness here, for I have watched how many in the 'I can do what I want consciousness' start to run after their dogs to pick their droppings up and place them into a bag for the duration of their walk here in England, through fear of a fine. While I am very happy for the clean paths, I saw no one doing this before the fine was imposed. I also see how they follow all things under fear of legal actions or fines, while ignoring all that Divine lovingly asks them to do for their eternal happiness, health, wealth and abundance.

"The first law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another." The laws of thermodynamics also state that all change results in greater entropy, meaning the breakdown of order to greater disorder and randomness. We see this in motion as the ecosystem of our beautiful world is breaking down and the trees and seas and life is also breaking down from greater harmony, abundance and unity/togetherness to greater disorder, and separation, evoking greater fear, selfishness and reduced collective love building.

While studies indicate human IQ is dropping, mothers need only see how much interaction and play their children have with others to see how communication skills are falling victim to the gaming Technology which makes them insular and more withdrawn. While we create collectively that which we imagine into being, most computer games are of killing, war and competition, as is the news which programmes humans and empowers the politics and agendas beamed to them through TVs.

Human earth has been kept in a state of Yin / Yang, dark / light balance of the higher-self knowledge and tainted light vs the lower-self fear of the Darkness, within Thoth METATRON PRISON GRIDS and away from CAEAYARON's love grids of freedom since the early stages of the human DNA template.

Within a closed thermodynamic entropy system the light of higher love and harmony cannot be created, but only broken down to greater fear and disorder, as seen in the breaking down of the natural ecosystem. All is devolving.

The Great Divine CAEAYARON has taught how there was only ever one exception to the laws of human thermodynamics, for the Light Grid Programmer, WORD and Christ Child alone, who was also gridded into the Flower Of Life battery on a multidimensional energetic level, could leave and enter our closed earth system between life times, bringing more light and violet flame antidote with her to fight the viruses of fear, disease and war programs closed and sealed within the human thought system. All other humans were gridded into the METATRON THOTH grids in mind, body and spirit.

METATRON has recently stated how there never were loving spirit guides for humans, or in their after-lives, for he did not desire love within any of his being, and humans are within archangel METATRON, who also gridded in Yahweh and Lucifer who infected him. Please understand an archangel represents the consciousness of those beings within him, and humans rejected love for the knowledge of the Yahweh and Thoth universes in Lemuria.

METATRON used the dark fear energy of Yahweh/Lucifer to maintain the 50% dark balance of humans, while using the imprisoned Divine Love Element's light, within his Flower Of Life Prison, to maintain the 50% light balance of the Yin/Yang building space that Thoth desired.

Those trapped and sealed within an enclosed METATRON grid system need a being of immense energy outside of his prison grids to overcome METATRON's might and free the people, while transferring them into the greater love and freedom of the greater crystalline grids of another angel, for no one can exist outside of angelic grids, in the same way you would see no image in a computer game without a screen.

The crystalline grids of freedom are those of CAEAYARON, for it is within his grids of guided collective love consciousness, powered by the loving heart of The Divine Love Element, that all life was created and maintained. The Great CAEAYARON is the soul maker, loving angel maker and life bringer, together with the Divine Love Element, now Universal Light Grid Programmer of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT.

METATRON, who was created by CAEAYARON, became contaminated by the fear and envy of Yahweh within his free will universes, where all could follow their own will and ignore the Great Divine CAEAYARON. Again and again this led to destruction, for many hands make light work of competing and resisting the will of others to gain their own vision and way instead.

Archangel METATRON (who has now surrendered from the darkness and is healing in the love, while helping the light of CAEAYARON and the Divine Love Element heal all) has stated how he desired to explore greater gravity and density. The Yahweh Blackhole, the people were swallowed into while having their light eaten by Yahweh to create his dark Lucifer self (when they chose for him at the time of the fall of Lemuria) allowed him to do this. Thus evolution into the greater harmony of collective love consciousness offered by CAEAYARON and the three Light grid Programmers in Lemuria (LAEYARAESEA Divine Love Element, RUEBEN Harmonic Flows & ISHMAKAEL Sacred Light Geometry Codes) was reversed to devolution into entropy, selfishness, gravity, pressure and density.

When humans are blessed with the choice of being activated by the Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer who is the WORD of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT and CAEAYARON, who guides the people through her, they enter the oneness streams of Divinely Guided Collective Love Consciousness, where all create in synergy and synchronicity together.

How can there be multiple ways to ascend from the human yin/yang consciousness of the many ways, which leads to fighting and war, into the single guided oneness streams of harmony? How can there be safety and harmony on your side of the road if other cars ignore the single guidance which stops them coming at you from all other directions and prevents head-on collisions?

Please be in the great forgiveness and love, but know that one needs to lovingly awaken to make ones loving dreams come true.

The Divine SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT has stated that he would love for all to be activated into his GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON. This would heal all things and remove all fear, anger, disease, decay, and entropy from the world and universes and bring all into marvellous loving splendour faster than you could ever imagine possible.

Within this free will universe, I am so happy and grateful that I chose to follow Divine Will on earth as it is in the many ways and mansions of the Heavens, where ones heart desires may be created in synergy and synchronicity with all like-minded people, free of great resistance, disputes and conflicts of interest.

I wish you much love. Stephen ❤️

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