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You Are Within Me Where No Loving Spirit Guide Exists


In this revealing video Archangel METATRON states: • How he was created for the great resistance to bring universes into denseness, so he could never bring, or ascend, people upwards. • How he desired to be the sovereign ruler and to take the place of CAEAYARON. • How he worked with Thoth and Yahweh/Lucifer • How he resigned when the Divine Love Element proved her love to be stronger than all universes. • METATRON divided; How part of him is grateful for his greater freedom and the other part is not and desires his old agenda. How part of METATRON enjoyed the suffering of the Divine Love Element part of him did not. • How he is gridded into CAEAYARON now. • How the consciousness of archangels are as the collective within them, and Thoth and Yahweh desired to be sovereign rulers and to replace CAEAYARON (as above, so below). • How he gridded in Yahweh to use his power for himself. • How the Divine Love element nearly won in other timelines, but failed, so METATRON gained more power. • How each time the timelines repeated over again, humans and the Divine Love element became weaker. In past time lines humans were much stronger. • How the dark beings now have no power and desire to bring fear upon your planet but can not because METATRON has resigned. • How METATRON worked with Thoth in Atlantis, so when he saw a king with power they had to give their power to Thoth. • How the churches are not part of love universes, but part of METATRON, THOTH and Yahwehs universes. • How your knowledge of love was wiped out in Lemuria. • How METATRON worked with Thoth, who he gave the Flower of Life to, to grid the Divine Love Element in. • How he gridded in the memories of Atlanteans so you think you are connecting to higher spirit guides, were not; for you were part of METATRON. • How there are no loving human spirit guides or angels; they were memories of old universes Atlanteans gridded in within Thoths mystery schools. • How Atlanteans gridded all the thoughts and the Divine Love Elements thoughts into skulls. • How Atlanteans had their own Flower of Life. • How he NEVER claimed to be a being of love but of light and now he needs to give all his power to CAEAYARON! • How Thoth took people from his enlightened universes to channel. • How channels are part of Atlantis who planned to fall people now, though they never expected to fall this low, but to go to Thoth’s enlightened universes. • There is only one way up for the Divine Love Element never gave herself to me, so could escape between lives. • There were a small number of channels of Atlantis who desired to work with the Love and came to prepare the way for the Divine Love Element today. They became part of a compartment of my universes to be given knowledge and missions. Many have now gone. • How the human collective always chose for the dark Leaders and METATRON advises you not to this time. Please see for more Divine teachings, knowledge, self-development courses and the greatest Divine gift of freedom; the Divine Pineal Gland activations of CAEAYARON. Please also see the amazing and enlightening books of ‘HALISARIUS’, Chief Pleiadian and Galactic Federation Leader and ‘AMMORAH’, Pleiadian High Priestess and Teacher, channelled and written by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel on Amazon.