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Why Suzanna Is The Only One Gateway Upwards


The Great CAEAYARON, whose true name was never Kryon, explains the time of the cosmic alignment is upon us, and how he is bringing through frequencies as he speaks, for the grids are wobbling and some are rising because the power grids are connected in now so the higher star beings can tap into our grids to gain information on how to build their higher star realms. He explains further how the study of the human thoughts is safely achieved within the violet flame filter. CAEAYARON goes onto explain how: • Humans create planet earth with their own programmed collective thoughts, and in reality there are only light grids and thoughts. • The Blue Creation Planet and how all creation and planets are created within this, in synergy and harmony. • 2012 & 2014 • An exploration of the ascension map to explain why Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the only one gateway upwards. • How the Light Grid Programmer is required for CAEAYARON to create. • How there is no life outside of the universal love grids. • How you lost the ascension keys of life during the fall of Lemuria. • How the earth decides who gains the flows to go up and does not allow the resistant through. • The greater 2020 alignment. • How the activated gain their codes. • How all flows of Darkness can now be retrieved given the Light Grid Programmer has succeeded in building the Power Grid. • How being light does not mean being love, for the Yahweh channel in Lemuria ate all the light of the people to build Lucifer; the Dark light being void of gratitude or love. • How Darkness cannot create; only take and change creation from one form to another. • How the Darkness put fear into the seas, created sharks and brought grids down with the fear of whales and dolphins. • How all spiritual knowledge upon our plane is not real, but concoctions of Thoth and Yahweh, which CAEAYARON is correcting. • How by torturing Jesus, the people created thousands of years of suffering for themselves and created World War 2, which would not have happened if they had supported Jesus (all things are a reflection of self and one can never blame another for one's own pain). Please see for more Divine teachings, knowledge, self-development courses and the greatest Divine gift of freedom; the Divine Pineal Gland activations of CAEAYARON. Please also see the amazing and enlightening books of ‘HALISARIUS’, Chief Pleiadian and Galactic Federation Leader and ‘AMMORAH’, Pleiadian High Priestess and Teacher, channelled and written by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel on Amazon.