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There Are Only Two Paths


The most beautiful Suzanna Maria Emmanuel opens the video by explaining the path that has never been practiced by humans; that of collective love consciousness, which was last practiced in Lemuria before the collective love consciousness code was taken away from us. Suzanna explains how we now have the opportunity to come back into this code through the Divine Pineal Gland Activations of CAEAYARON. The activated of CAEAYARON are learning to step back into collective love consciousness. She ends by reading the Forgiveness Statement of CAEAYARON for the greater healing of the viewers. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT; our Great Father in the heavens, then greets us and states how happy are the ones who desire to hear these teachings of love, for they have found the pathway of love. He then blesses us with these wonderful teachings: He quotes Jesus answer to the people who stated; “there are many roads that lead to all ways are there not?” Jesus explained how in all ways there are many ways to look at things but how does the Great Father look at things, for he states there are only two paths and gates; of which one leads to eternal life and happiness. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT quotes the following answers from the beautiful Jesus: • How many say they are walking the higher path in their preaching houses, but SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT will say how he never saw them asking for the higher path of love, but choosing for the other way. • How the road upwards to the greater dimensions is not an easy road to find for there are many dimensions within the higher dimensions but there is only one gateway upwards; the path of eternal life and freedom. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT says how many did not agree with Jesus each time they saw the Divine Love Element, who was also Jesus, coming to them again in many life times, but SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT states that there are not life times ahead for you to choose from now. He asks if you desire to live in the higher realms or not? Our Great Father in the heavens states that many will answer that they desire to keep alive and they will ask what to do. He will tell them to find the path upwards to find the real life, for you are not truly living upon your earth, but are here to find your greater path upwards. Our Sovereign Lord states that there is only one way back to your greater self and that is going back to the love realms. He states how he created the path for you, along with many Great Masters and the Great Mountain Of Light, CAEAYARON, for the correct flames and keys to be given to the children so they may to be gathered at the great mountain. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT teaches how the Divine Love Element was given as a sacrifice to your planet to allow you to find the ways of the love once again, and it is with her power that the Great CAEAYARON can grow into his great mountain of light, which is the gateway upwards. Our Great Father states how foolish the ones who state there are other ways upwards are. He states that you fell into the greatest black pit of darkness and you do not understand how deep this pit is. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT explains the incredible loss of power to the love universes it has taken to create the pathway upwards for the fallen Lemurians. He asks how he could create greater universes while the great battles were still going on. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT explains his desire to create all of creation upwards but that he does not wish to have any pain in his frequencies of understanding and power, for that creates the great falls and does not build into greater power. Our Great Lord and father explains how he began to separate himself even further from creation to create a safe haven for all who do not fall, and how he sacrificed his Divine Love Element to come to your planet to prove that love was stronger than all the Darkness. He explains how all the Darkness could not fight that one being and it has been proven so and he now has the codes back of the great universal power and my Divine Love Element has won them back and proved to be the greatest winner of all, and so for her he creating a new realm of being for those who choose the highest gateway upwards at this time. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT explains how up there, there are many roads and dimensions being created at this time. Yet, from the earth upwards there is only one way upwards. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT explains how The Divine Judge CAERAYARON chooses who goes upwards and who goes to the great creation realms to be the creators of whole new universes in the grids of power of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT. He states how the ones activated later will not be able to be a part of the new universes in existence in his grids. He desires only the ones who desire to create together with the blue creation archangel who will create many roads and dimensions. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT speaks of how Jesus 2000 years also spoke of the ones who would become the rulers, but that there would not be many. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT states that those ones will be selected among the people who will become activated before 2020 and also the ones who become activated into their Lemurian light mantles of the great universal love realms. He states how it is not your privilege to choose who goes where, but that of Divine Masters who are much wiser than you are. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT states how happy are those who understand this message and happy are those who desire it within their heart. Please see for more Divine teachings, knowledge, self-development courses and the greatest Divine gift of freedom; the Divine Pineal Gland activations of CAEAYARON. Please also see the amazing and enlightening books of ‘HALISARIUS’, Chief Pleiadian and Galactic Federation Leader and ‘AMMORAH’, Pleiadian High Priestess and Teacher, channelled and written by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel on amazon.