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The Power Of Love


In this most beautiful video, the Great Sovereign Lord and Father in the heavens; EMMANUEL, gives a loving rendition of the days of Jesus 2000 years ago and highlights the reflection of those days in today’s situation of the return of the WORD and messenger of the Great Divine Father EMMANUEL; this time through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who was the channel and WORD Jesus back then. He states how happy the ones of the heart are in these times, for their spiritual eyes and ears are open to that which they have been praying for throughout their many life times; the return of the Great Lord. He quotes Jesus speaking of this 2000 years ago and how he stated that the Great Father calls the ones who do not desire to see or understand the Great Father, so instead follow the books of man; ‘spiritually blind’. Our Lord then iterates the following teachings spoken through his WORD Jesus: • How the people do not desire to listen to the words of The CREATOR, but instead they hold the thoughts of their forefathers more precious. • How there is only one way to the Great Father, and yet how can the people recognize this if the love of the Father is not within them? • How the Great Father EMMANUEL holds all the wisdom within him, for he created the sun and moon and stars and the animals and trees. • How he prophesied that there will become a time when all of the people will look to the skies and see The Great Father EMMANUEL, and yet all will not desire him. • How Jesus called the Divine Path of the heart; 'the narrow pathway'. • How the will of the Great Lord EMMANUEL is that each person searches for peace, through forgiveness, for then they may find Divine Will. • To love the Great Father EMMANUEL with your heart, mind and soul very much. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT then states the following: • A beautiful story of how a friend of Jesus thanked him and stated that he would bring the teachings of the Great Father EMMANUEL to the people. • How in our day all things are confused and people are thrown this way, that way and the other. • How he, The Great Father, is the power to create, and so he created CAEAYARON, who he sees as himself, for he sees no separation. • An original, untainted, LORD'S prayer. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT then asks you to practice love each day and pray that it will burn brightly within, and will not burn out. He asks you to then teach others to understand. Please see for more Divine teachings, knowledge, self-development courses and the greatest Divine gift of freedom; the Divine Pineal Gland activations of CAEAYARON. Please also see the amazing and enlightening books of ‘HALISARIUS’, Chief Pleiadian and Galactic Federation Leader and ‘AMMORAH’, Pleiadian High Priestess and Teacher, channelled and written by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel on amazon.