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Precious Earth Saved For Now


In this amazing video the Great Mountain Of Light, CAEAYARON speaks of how the Power Grids of the Earth have now been won back by the light and how the earth is saved for now, despite in a parallel reality all being destroyed at this time, for Yahweh desires to destroy all. CAEAYARON explains how humanity have devolved through our collective code being removed from us and pain coming in. The Great CAEAYARON explains how Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the greatest channel in all the universes and speaks of the healing grid (Quantum Collective Love Grid) she activates you into, together with CAEAYARON. CAEAYARON then speaks of: * Human CONSCIOUSNESS GRIDS. * 2020 and 2032. * Fall of Lemuria * How ONLY ACTIVATED STAR SACRED WORLD HEALERS can evolve and those in the human consciousness grids can never evolve. Those who reject the activations will continue devolving! * How Lucifer and Thoth have now lost their power. * The England power grid securing mission of the Light Grid Programmer and Stephen; it was explained how there is a large magic pool buried in England, so the Divine Love Element came there in many life times to protect the light for today’s awakening. Her mission was always to gain control of the love grids so darkness could not use them to take over all the universes. It was explained how the greater angelic self is needed to do all the work, though Suzanna needs to come to earth to ground it into the grids. Those desiring the activations at this time have also saved the earth, for in a parallel reality, all was destroyed at this time. If not enough were activated at this time all would have been destroyed here also, but you have passed a GATEWAY. Mission England is now finished. * THE WATCHERS: CAEAYARON then answered questions from an organisation who are The Watchers; whose mission it is to ensure that the great tragedies of the earth do not happen again. CAEAYARON states; • Yes destruction can be avoided. • Yes; CAEAYARON and the Pleiadians can protect their land. • Yes CAEAYARON can protect the world but only where enough people work together and support the channel. • The question is not what can Divine do, but what the people will do for Divine. • The Divine Love Element protects the grids she is in and gives exclusive information to those who are her friends. • With collective love consciousness all can change on earth but CAEAYARON will let go if people go against Divine. • Suzanna goes into the lower grids and brings all people up and Stephen does another function. • Trees, dinosaurs, stones and all talk to Suzanna because the Divine Love Element can link and step into any dimension/life/time in parallel to her own. • Darwin’s Theory is not a proven FACT, but a THEORY, and people DID NOT EVOLVE FROM MONKEYS! The following was also explained by CAEAYARON: • How the earth is part of the Blue Creation Planet. • How the earth was created. • Large Guardians Of The Earth. • How Yahweh’s mission was always to destroy mankind so you can be his food forever. • How large parts of CAEAYARON was gridded into to power the dark vortex when the Lemurian chose for the darkness, for he was within the Divine Love Element who the Yahweh channel held in his Cave Of Wo, and Thoth gridded her into his Flower of Life to use as a battery power source (to light up the darkness). • How the Universal Love Codes are won back so CAEAYARON can expand and build grid upwards. • How METATRON is now in service to CAEAYARON. • How CAEAYARON is becoming more freed with every activation. • How we are within a Divine Court room. • How saving the earth and those desiring to follow Divine Will is more important than saving mankind. • How the grids are separating now. • How CAEAYARON has arrived right on time to save all. • How the time of the human is almost complete and there is nothing more to learn; which was the reason the darkness gave to justify the human existence of restriction. • How ONLY ONE was sent to the earth to release all. • Jonah and Moses. • Jesus in Glastonbury, England. Please also see for more Divine teachings.