Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

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The beautiful and powerful CAEAYARON, gives a mind opening teaching on the only way to save the earth at this time, through his one and only authentic channel, WORD and Divine Love Element; SUZANNA MARIA EMMANUEL. CAEAYARON states how one needs a strong mind set for self and others, and how often it is those living in difficult countries with great issues who demonstrate this. Meanwhile in comfortable countries many take anti-depressants to numb themselves and hide. Interconnectedness of all consciousness: CAEAYARON teaches: • The importance of HOPE. * It is not too late! • How depression in rich countries may be felt in poor countries, and how antidepressants also create a vortex of numbing oneself and may create energetic diseases which (like the weather) may travel across the world. • How 10,000 children playing a war game in one country, thinking it is innocent, create a vortex that may manifest war in other parts of the world. (CAEAYARON states that the children of activated parents may create anti-viruses by playing the same war games, while stating that he is not encouraging the use of war games for activated children, however, for it is not good). • How Star Sacred World Healers magnify all they concentrate on greatly, and how concentrating on charities, like donating for hunger (or cancer) creates those conditions. • CAEAYARON explains how he teaches people to heal charitable causes at the activations, so they solve the problems, instead of growing them. • How to change earth consciousness and save the world through becoming activated into power/light, for then you may heal grids, which is how to heal all things! • How there is a whole team of trillions of star beings in the light Federations, together with CAEAYARON and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who have been protecting the world and who will increasingly need to protect you; those who desire to listen to, and follow, Divine Will on earth as it is in the higher dimensional heavens. • How the Galactic Federations Of Light Society are preparing for the next phase. • How the Divine Love Element is within CAEAYARON’s body of light and all star systems are part of the Great Cosmic Brain, while all have their own great consciousness and work collectively as individuals (in the oneness people do not dissolve into a soup as the darkness states). • How there is only ONE Gateway upwards; the activations of CAEAYARON, where you feel yourself evolving and changing as you gain your Lemurian Light Codes, Lemurian Mantles and Galactic Mantles back. • How CAEAYARON can give lots of information to people to help them protect the world. • How you give power and light to the politicians who are not good for you by simply talking about them. • How there are many on planet with large structures to wake people up, which they have prepared over many life times and how, CAEAYARON could bring them a whole new structure, science, knowledge bank and freedom. • WITHOUT TREES THERE IS NO LIFE! • WITHOUT HEALTHY SEAS THERE IS NO LIFE! • Nature hold many grids to hold all things upwards. • Animals have hope that you will awakening to Divine so volunteered to come here and help you awaken by holding grids up and bringing love to help you go upwards. Animals are not held in the cave of WO, so remember peace and love greatly (though not all animals). CAEAYARON teaches how he gave himself up to darkness to bring you up, as The Great Mountain Of Light. He explained how his higher part brought light grids down while his lower part brought light grids up to meet it in December 2018/January 2019. • How only the Bluestar, or Blue Sun can help you go up, because all others fell down. • How CAEAYARON was gridded into the Flower Of Life with the Divine Love Element, who could go up between lives to create a pathway between the higher and lower spaces. • How the Divine Love Element spent many life times in Lemuria to awaken the people. • How the Great Resistance brings down collective love consciousness, so CAEAYARON created METATRON for the resistance to examine those thoughts within. • How the people in Thoth’s Mystery Schools in Atlantis gridded themselves into skulls together with knowledge of the universes to form METATRON’s Universes. • How Atlanteans created the human template and claimed the Flower Of Life and Yahweh became furious so METATRON fell and could not go up into the love, for the beings within him did not desire this. • How the Divine Love Element was the only ONE being of LOVE on your earth and angels were memories/thoughts gridded into skulls and never came to humans. • How the activated of CAEAYARON are in a different grid so loving angels can reach them. • How a door/mirror was opening over the 2018/2019 New Year period, which you could not get past in previous cycles, but now you are in a whole new life time now, though it feels the same. Please see also for more Divine teachings.