Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

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Light Light Expansion vs Dark Dense Gravity


In this most beautiful video teaching of the Great Divine CAEAYARON, he encourages all to research his teachings greater ( and to meditate on the things you are learning. He then blesses us with teachings on the following subjects: * How the people fell into grids of pain in the Cave of Wo during The Fall of Lemuria due to the temple messenger who gained the voice of CAEAYARON because he was The Dark Gateway. * How CAEAYARON rattled the door of the cave to show people the way out, but they become very afraid for they have been locked into the cave for so long. * How you are on a bridge of in-between to make the choice. * How CAEAYARON is a beam of light with the collective love, who he speaks for, within him. * How there is no Divine judgement or good or bad, there just IS (eternal consequences). * How a large part of CAEAYARON’s being was never touched and is way up there. * How one year ago the Universal Love Codes were won back and part of his being which became trapped was able to become freed greater, together with many grids and the Light Grid Programmer. * How CAEAYARON removes your human, Lemurian and universal karma during the activations and brings in greater templates for more light and healing. * How the activated before 2020 will be able to build to the greatest freedom in the highest dimensions. * How before 2020 star love beings have no say in who is going to which dimensions and how quite a lot will still go there until the gates close in 2020, after which the next gate will remain open until 2022. People will then work with creator love teachers. * How CAEAYARON worked with the kryon channel to open portals and grids and DNA to awaken the people in readiness for phase two, when Suzanna Maria Emmanuel activates the people upwards. * How the Great Darkness desired to be mother and Father GODS, so they could be worshipped and remove the freedom of their worshippers. * Which channel the Star Beings call the ‘The Soul Sucker’ because he sucks the souls and puts them in his cave, so it is difficult to find their authentic self in the in the soup of his universes. * How that channel speaks of the beauty of the choice and freedom, but how CAEAYARON has seen no freedom in his cave, and only fear so that his Lucifer being can suck the peoples energies to create his dimensions. * How the Yahweh channel and Thoth did not desire you to awaken. * How that channel is part of the Lucifer stream and how he brought you karma as part of his lessons, which often mean very hard life times with pain. * How Thoth was more clever than Yahweh because he used the energy without going into the great anger of destruction. * How CAEAYARON could protect parts of the world grids through magnetics due to the codes and violet flame the Divine Love Element brought down after life times. * How Jesus did not die at his crucifixion, but opened a portal in Glastonbury England to open the pathway for today’s beautiful activations of CAEAYARON and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. * How many changed to human DNA have happened recently to help them awaken and understand the higher knowledge. * How this time on the bridge of in-between is so important, and how the less judgement and greater love you hold from all of your life times, the faster you will awaken. * What happens in the higher dimensions when people go against others? * How, when people fell into Blackhole Yahweh, they collapsed in on themselves, into gravity and density and aging and anger, for their soul light was sucked out of them (rather like when a stars light fuel is spent, so it collapses into itself, in great gravity). * How humans were very beautiful and tall in Lemuria, before they became stuck into a pyramid prism prison which Thoth and Yahweh created, though Thoth never wanted all to collapse down so much. * How time is not linear, but you are stuck in corridors and the Yahweh being comes in life time after life time as leaders to gain your worship and keep you locked into his mirrors. * How the Light Grid Programmer alone could set you free, as in the days of Moses when she freed a big group of the many Lemurians on earth. This freed up a corridor to enable her to go to another life time, which may have been Joan of Arc, for you can leap forwards and go backwards in time. * How METATRON wanted his own freedom so often put the Divine Love Element into lives with Lemurians to bring violet flame down after the life time to heal the things she encountered, and free METATRON further, who did not desire to be in the service of Thoth and Yahweh for ever, but to have his own universes and freedom. * How the activated are creating a new earth with love into their grids, to replace the old earth which is going. Please see for more Divine teachings, knowledge, self-development courses and the greatest Divine gift of freedom; the Divine Pineal Gland activations of CAEAYARON.