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How I Am Separating The Salt From The Soup


The Great Mountain Of Light, CAEAYARON, states how Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the most powerful channel in the wold and he congratulated the Universal Love Teachers of his being, who are working hard at this time. While asking you not to put your energies into the news and politics, he explains that the light grids are separating at this time, as he stated would happen, and that the human grids are shaking and the cave of wo is beginning to release some of its memories. He also explains how the activations need to be in England at this time, because of their power grids. He explains that Suzanna will travel later, however. The Great CAEAYARON then speaks of: The online Universal Love Teachers Training course he gave through Suzanna on 15th December in which he blesses those present, who are learning to become spiritual guides, with knowledge and beautifully high frequencies and gifts. He explains how his teachers are blessed with frequencies and high violet flame to pass onto their students for their healing and greater awakening in preparation for his Divine Pineal Gland Activations; only through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. The Great Mountain of Light explains how it is also Suzanna; Divine Love Element, who you will see on the higher dimension working hard with SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT and CAEAYARON bringing through codes and aligning all things upwards. He explains how she needed to come down to bring you upwards. CEAYARON explains how the first ever authentic book of The Great Divine Father; SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT will be out soon (for the books Jesus wrote himself were destroyed). The Great Mountain Of Light explains how some Lemurians who did not fall went up to the higher realms of Lemuria with ADAMA, who is a great genetic engineer from the Pleiadian realms who came to bring all Lemurians upwards. It was explained how he has an important code for you to go upwards. CAEAYARON explains how he was given the mantle of LAEYARAESEA, Divine Love Element after her work was finished at the time of the fall of Lemuria and how she gave her light to the earth, to Stephen and ADAMA. It was explained how ADAMA has now give a large part of his mantle back to Suzanna and how he, Rueben and Ishmakael are working together to build the healing grid of the activated upwards. CAEAYARON explains how: • Star Sacred World Healers will feel beautiful chakra flows at this time. • The Divine Pineal Gland Activation gates close in 2032. • He gives an answer to those who believe they can activate people themselves. • How the Great darkness want destruction of the earth at this time and want you not to protect your energies. • How if all were activated you could bring in greater thought and change the world. • How CAEAYARON is separating the salt from the soup. • What a plane of existence is. • The Blue Planets lower and higher grids in harmony. • How Thoth was a great genetic engineer. • Yahweh’s many beings and his wars with Thoth. • How the earth was created. • How if Thoth and Yahweh gained all the Blue Planet and crystalline grid power they would have rules all the universes and controlled The Great Divine SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT. • Who the hairy barbarians were in Atlantis. • How Yahweh wants to destroy all things and can split himself into many beings because he had all your memories in his cave of Wo. The beautiful magnetic creator of all life consciousness and angels; CAEAYARON, then blesses us with a wonderful song composed by the star beings. Please see for more Divine teachings, knowledge, self-development courses and the greatest Divine gift of freedom; the Divine Pineal Gland activations of CAEAYARON. Please also see the amazing and enlightening books of ‘HALISARIUS’, Chief Pleiadian and Galactic Federation Leader and ‘AMMORAH’, Pleiadian High Priestess and Teacher, channelled and written by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel on amazon.