Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

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Dark Agenda- Time Running Out For Nature And You


CAEAYARON give an enlightening teaching on: ♥ Who the Holy One is? ♥ People who call themselves spiritual who state they are in touch with beings from higher star realms ♥ How people believe angels are soft, fluffy push overs who give, give, give. ♥ The trillions and trillions and trillions who CAEAYARON works with. ♥ How CAEAYARON listens to higher love beings who are telling CAEAYARON to only work with those desiring collective love and who are activated. ♥ How the activated learn collective love ♥ How those who state they are activated away from CAEAYARONís activations with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel are not. ♥ How the special light body of the activated is as 3500 x non-activated ♥ How CAEAYARON will only talk through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and those who claim CAEAYARON, Suzanna, Jesus and/or SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL have come to them are fooling themselves and will suffere many, many thousands of life times for taking people away. ♥ The hard work of bringing pain to each other in Lemuria ♥ The machine of The Spin Doctor in Lemuria ♥ Who may go to the higher teacher realms by 2020? ♥ How magnificent the name of CAEAYARON is and how this energy magnifies up as greater gifts when spoken about. ♥ How those working hard with CAEAYARON gain greater treasures ♥ How students are receiving awakening frequencies, but not activation frequencies ♥ About The Divine Pineal Gland Activations ♥ The freedom grids of some countries. ♥ The Great teachings coming, but are you ready for them? ♥ How the earth has all universes within it. ♥ How there is no big bang and no linear time. ♥ Our fall from harmony to disorder and entropy ♥ The greatest universal force ♥ How nature has more love than humans ♥ How without trees you could not exist ♥ How the darkness put salt in the seas and why ♥ What happens to animals in between their lifetimes and they more alive than humans? ♥ How many teachers of man desire nature to be destroyed, so humans are destroyed ♥ How Thoth and Yahweh have programmed you to believe CAEAYARONís teachings are foolish. ♥ The decoding of The Emerald Tablets and reprogramming of the grids ♥ How Star Sacred World Healers are connecting deeper with animals, nature and flowers ♥ Charity and the news ♥ How you think you have time but you do not ♥ If you donít care, why should the Divine? Please also see the facebook page of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and for more information ♥