Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

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Collective Transformational Grid


The beautiful AMMORAH, Pleiadian High Priestess from the Pleiadian High Council, brings us love and peace and gives us a beautiful teaching on the collective evolutionary growth of the activated of CAEAYARON happening at this time. She speaks of the hard work Pleiadians have been doing to enable us to come into this time. AMMORAH explains: • How she and other guides have been working with the ones in the after-life who desired to work hard for Divine purpose in this life time. • How she worked alongside the Divine Love Element in Lemuria, helping the people understand the strength of their thoughts. • How in the higher Lemurian dimensions the people could also create houses with their thoughts, which the star beings would help them with; by holding the thoughts. • How she is a teacher and holder to the younger ones in the star dimensions also, and how the older teachers hold the grids for their thought creations. • How the younger pleiadians intelligence far exceeds human intelligent, while the older pleiadians intelligence is far higher than the younger ones. • How the higher star beings may plan to go to spirit realms to gain greater gifts and learn to grow into, and hold, greater power, and how they place their gifts in the collective grids upon return, for the good of the collective. • The similarity between the above and the healing grids of the activated Star Sacred World Healers (Collective Transformational Grids). • How the Star Sacred World Healers cannot harmonize with the higher gifts of AMMORAH at this time, but collectively they can step into them within the Collective Transformational Grid, and the Divine Love Element could train them how to. You may also research for more Divine teachings, knowledge, self-development courses and the greatest Divine gift of freedom; the Divine Pineal Gland activations of CAEAYARON. Please also see the amazing and enlightening books of ‘HALISARIUS’, Chief Pleiadian and Galactic Federation Leader and ‘AMMORAH’, Pleiadian High Priestess and Teacher, channelled and written by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel on Amazon.