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The Old Earth Will No Longer Be Youtube Teaching Of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT 31 Jan 2019

04/02/2019 - Latest News

Namaste and welcome to the times of the Great Sun rising; the return of the magnificent Sovereign Lord and Father EMMANUEL, as promised 2000 years ago!

This is Stephen and I wish you much love and great awakening frequencies.

This is a great time of celebration, for the love has won the earth game and the Great SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL has returned in the last minutes, as promised 2000 years ago!

We are now within the 13th Gate of the summing up of all we have built, individually and collectively within the Galactic Courtrooms, which in our great amnesia, many do not realize they are within at this beautiful time of 'THE CHOICE'. The Divine has stated how all will awaken and stand before CAEAYARON after this life time, having chosen the way of their eternal life times to come, within the plays of free will earth.

Will YOU choose to stay in the Dark Gateway, or move to the Light and Love Gateway of THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, having received your eternal keys and talents back?

Time and time again the beautiful Divine Love Element, Jesus, picked himself up, through love of the people, and dusted himself off from the wrath of the people of the religions, who desired to take the Christ Child down, claiming him to be a false prophet, while baying for his crucifixion. All the time the beautiful and humble Jesus claimed to be of flesh and blood, and that it was the Great Father EMMANUEL who spoke through him, directly to the people.

After the crucifixion, which he survived, Jesus went to Glastonbury, England, to fulfil his main life path mission, while the religions and Romans sent soldiers to eradicate all his works and the people whose beautiful hearts he had touched.

The gateway which the Christ Child opened in England enabled today’s GREAT AWAKENING and Ascension Programme of The Great Mountain Of Light, CAEAYARON, to be.

LOVE and DIVINE TRUTH is eternal, and may never be wiped from memory.

Many years passed, and when the words and love of Jesus spread, despite all the Darkness did to eradicate them, the religions twisted all Divine Truths and gave the people his torture instrument, Cross, to worship, so they may align themselves with the anti-christ Father and Son; Lucifer and Yahweh, while the collective thoughts of the people manifested the death and torture of the beautiful Christ Child time and time again, through his many earthly incarnations, into being. We create our own reality individually and collectively. Guess what the millions who worship the beautiful Christ Child hanging and bloodied on a cross of torture and pain are manifesting? The Great Father asks if they would do the same to their child, who they loved.

The preaching houses of gargoyles, swords, crucifixion pain and filtered windows to remove the light from within, thus, unknown to the worshippers, became the houses of the antichrist, to take the energies of the worshippers through the merkaba, leyline grids and dark tones of the preaching houses, to feed the underworld universes of Yahweh, who together with Lucifer desired nothing more than to claim the beautiful Christ Child for themselves. That which they could never have!

Love is stronger than all the power of Darkness, and the Christ Child has won her long quest! Lucifer and Yahweh now stand exposed and defeated in the light of Divine Truth (seek and you shall find. Place ‘pope’, ‘Lucifer’ or other words in your search engine and discover for yourself).

All universal Love Codes are now safely back with the great loving Father EMMANUEL, whose great will it is that all the beings within all the universes return back to the love and peace, so fear, anger and wars may be no more. To bring love and peace to all peoples and cultures collectively is also the desire of the beautiful Christ Child today.

Only through the guided collective love consciousness of The Great Mountain Of Light may we ascend into the greater love, peace and harmony, and create our hearts desires in synergy and synchronicity together, for ever more. How many choose for this today, within the free will time of the CHOICE we are momentarily in, until the Gates to eternal freedom close for ever more?

Still, victorious, the faithful WORD and Christ Child of the Great Father continues on her life saving mission; this time in the guise of a beautiful woman, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, to heal the people and bring through the original messages of love of the Great Sovereign Father.

Let Divine Will be done on earth as it is in the heavens, in this last human life time, of life times of THE CHOICE.

It is hoped that those who cried out for the pain and crucifixion of Jesus 2000 years ago, will have healed sufficiently over time, so within the Galactic Court room we are in, they are able to forgive all things and choose for the one pathway back to love and life this time, out of the dark abys of the One Dark Yahweh Gateway blackhole, and into the love and Light Gateway of The Great Mountain of Light, CAEAYARON.

In this magnificent video, the beautiful Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who the Great Father EMMANUEL states was Jesus 2000 years ago, welcomes you and speaks about learning to walk a higher path of love consciousness, to hold the higher flows of love.

Suzanna then brings through our Great Sovereign Lord and Father EMMANUEL, as she did 2000 years ago, to bring all to collective love unity, free of the twists and turns constructed into the religious teachings, to turn man against man, against woman; while the preachers stood on their podiums of self-worship; standing between The Great Divine Love (which Jesus stated may be found in the heart) and the beautiful people.

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel then steps aside, as only the one clear channel can, to allow SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT to address you directly, as you would also have heard 2000 years ago. Those who loved him then, will also love him today, and you will be able to guess what those who desired to deny and hurt Suzanna today would have done to Jesus 2000 years ago, and for the same reasons!

Our Great Sovereign Lord and Father EMMANUEL in the heavens speaks of:

* The words spoken by Jesus on the time when pain energies will be no more.
How grateful people will be one day that they became human and had their names written in the books of knowledge, and how much they learned from the pain, making them so much greater later.
* The talents and how they are magnified up from the earth greater.
How the talents grow as people bring many to the activations of CAEAYARON.
The Universal Love Teachers.

* Who will become great creators in the higher creator universes?
How the humble ones constantly pray to our Great Father EMMANUEL for help and always work hard, achieve all and grow in the love.
* Who is the Master Teacher in the greater spaces?
* How the Old Earth of pain can no longer be, for it cannot be in the consciousness of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT.
What Jesus said about the old and new earth not existing together, and how the old earth will no longer be.

* What Jesus said about those who inherit the new earth.
* Jesus on the CHOICE.
* How those activated into the Great Mountain Of Light, CAEAYARON, are learning to hold the greater flows.

Please see also for more Divine teachings, knowledge, self-development courses and the greatest Divine gift of freedom; the Divine Pineal Gland Activations of CAEAYARON.

Please be in the great love and forgiveness always, for it is only through the love of the heart that one will tune into and realize Divine Love and Truth.

Only the Divine Truth may set you free, and please know that the great LOVE will never stop loving all people, including those of the religions, who are forgiven by Divine, but asked;

"Do you love yourselves and your eternal happiness enough to forgive your free will choices and all you knew not what you were doing, and step forward to the Great Mountain of Light and love for your eternal healing and great next adventures in peace, joy and harmony to begin?"

All are loved by Divine Love, which all are welcome to return to. Its your CHOICE!

Much love

Introduction to: “The Old Earth Will No Longer Be” Teaching by SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, 31 January 2019, England