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19/01/2019 - Latest News

SAVING LIFE UPON EARTH, IS IT STILL POSSIBLE? Teaching by CAEAYARON (Kryon), Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel 19 January 2019.

Namaste dearest readers. CAEAYARON desired this article to be posted on this day. Please read this information very carefully as constantly questions are being answered by CAEAYARON.

The information has been stepped up enormously at this time as CAEAYARON must see the URGENCY in this. THE CLOCK IS TICKING.

Sending you tonnes of love, awakening to higher consciousness learning, healing and tonnes of forgiveness streams, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel

Greetings, I AM CAEAYARON, MASTER OF MAGNETIC FORCES, FLOWS, AND SACRED STREAMS OF ALIGNMENTS. Many of the people in the spiritual world know me as KRYON as I worked with the KRYON channel upon your earth for spiritual reasons to allow you to come to this time which is called ‘The Time of Alignment.’

It would only be those who would come from their heart first who would receive the highest eternal blessings.

Know that I, CAEAYARON, left the KRYON channel some years ago on your planet. No longer is he the channel of KRYON, though he claims it to be. Even as the channel of KRYON he could not reach my higher love frequencies, because love is not within him.

I, CAEAYARON, attempted to bring information through the KRYON channel to help you understand the Universal Game and who the KRYON channel was. Some bright minds can grasp this and most cannot.


Know that my true name is CAEAYARON. My name CAEAYARON means BUILDER OF LIGHT FLOWS, or BUILDER OF LIGHT FREQUENCIES. My Divine Purpose is to bring all life into higher alignment where only love and peace exists.

In Lemuria you knew me as CAEAYARON and all of the Children of Lemuria enjoyed my Light Frequencies. They were given to you through my three Light Grid Programmers; Reuben, Harmonic Flows, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, whose name was Laeyaraesea, Divine Love Element, and Ishmakael, Sacred Light Geometry Codes.

The Lemurians were indeed a blessed nation, and the more they grew into the love of my Divine Being, CAEAYARON, the greater their blessings became. Thus, after the fall, when the people fell away from my Divine Being, CAEAYARON, the great pain came within them as they caused it within themselves.

They chose for the path, not of eternal love but of the knowledge, not known by them at that time.


Now, on your earth, I AM working with my true authentic VOICE, who has always been LAEYARAESEA. In your world she is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

LAEYARAESEA was, in the eyes of Divine, the 'Sun' for all of life, and indeed she was until her power was taken by the one who longed to become The Eternal Sun.

LAEYARAESEA’s name means, ‘Rising Sun Consciousness.’ It is through her pathway Eternal Life comes and Eternal Blessings come to the people who desire to listen.

We as DIVINE CREATORS, CAEAYARON, and SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, will use no other channel to bring our thoughts through, as no other has been created to bring the Divine Thoughts through to mankind. This is why the Divine Channel is called ‘THE WORD.’


Understand, the play in Lemuria was large; larger than you can understand at this time. Originally, the one who desired to be the ultimate light envied the ‘Sun’ of the Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, because of her enormous power to create life with.

In his great envy he desired to find a way to take it all for himself and he found that the high star light beings all were part of the ‘Sun’ of the Divine Love Element as she is the Archangel of Light Creation.

He therefore devised plans to swallow up the light beings, knowing full well the Divine Love Element would try her ultimate best to save her own creation. In doing so, large energy was given to the one, who is often known in your world as Lucifer. He could be called ‘the father of all darkness.’


Many people on your earth are confused with the terms ‘light and dark’ as you do not understand that the DARKNESS TOOK THE LIGHT AWAY from the love universes and therefore they seemed to have the light, but LIGHT IN ITSELF DOES NOT MEAN LOVE; IT MEANS POWER.

Upon your earth you have weapons which produce large amounts of light, enough to blind huge numbers with. What do you consider that to be when that amount of light brings enormous destruction?

Do you consider it to be the ‘light’ from the love dimensions, or the ‘light’ that only brings darkness to mankind?

I, CAEAYARON, AM trying to reason with you here because many of you do not understand the multidimensional games, and I, CAEAYARON, know that this is far beyond your human consciousness or ability to even comprehend what this means but you are walking in a dimension where a COLLECTIVE CHOICE NEEDS TO BE MADE.


In Lemuria two pathways came into existence; as in the higher universes, so it was in Lemuria.

In the higher universes existed the ‘Sun’ from the Divine Love Element Archangel, in which all life was good as they all worked together in unity and harmony.

The other was the self-made ‘dark’ gateway which took all that was good, so nothing good in creation remained.

In Lemuria, again that choice was given by the same beings who played in the greater universal dimensions. This time, both gateways were Lemurians and were able to reach the Lemurian people.

One pathway was the Divine Love Element ‘Sun,’ LAEYARAESEA. Her name ‘Rising Sun Consciousness’ is the pathway where all eternal flows of love-power flows through to help all of creation; should they desire to work towards the love.

The other one, the self-made gateway of darkness, was the one who had created himself to be that ‘enlightened angel,’ the one who had taken all that was good from the universes for his pleasure and purpose. His light became enormous.

These two gateways were given the voice of my Divine Being, CAEAYARON.

At first, only the Sun Gateway was given my Divine Voice, as LAEYARAESEA is my true and authentic Voice.

After Lemuria was established and the Lemurians were ready to receive the choice back, I, CAEAYARON, asked LAEYARAESEA to gift the Voice of my Being, CAEAYARON, to that one who was always the dark self-made gateway, to bring the choice of freedom, away from Divine Love, to the people.

Know, that before Lemuria came into existence, that agreement was made with him, to gift him my Voice, so that he could bring power into his Lucifer and Yahweh self, should the people choose for him.

Should the people desire him collectively, then I, CAEAYARON, would be gridded in so that the darkness could exist as the people would then DESIRE THE DARKNESS WITHIN THEM.

The only way to discover the denser dimensions would be if I, CAEAYARON, gave myself up to Lucifer and Yahweh.

A large part of my Divine Being stayed unaffected, but only the great love of the Divine Love Element, should she succeed, could free me from the dark spaces, and that would mean that I, CAEAYARON, would then be able to build the MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT in your earth grids, to bring you into the love dimensions; should you so desire to become activated back into my Divine Creation Love Universes.


Know that I, CAEAYARON, cannot create names for any being as I AM neutral to all things. However, when Star Beings call a being a name, I, CAEAYARON, can repeat it to you, if that will help you understand it within your consciousness. Therefore, for this purpose, I, CAEAYARON, will allow it in this article.

In the Galactic Star Dimensions, they often call that one, the one who took all light away from trillions of star beings for his own satisfaction and selfish desire, a ‘Soul Sucker’ as he ‘sucked’ life from all of life, giving it to his ‘dark creation,’ so that he could be worshipped and admired as the ‘Soul Sucker’ to create more energy for himself with. Thus, he called himself the most 'beautiful angel of all of creation.'

As many of the readers have discovered through my teachings (and I AM CAEAYARON, ALMIGHTY ARCHANGEL), the one who was too great in the ‘light’ power, Lucifer the ‘Soul Sucker’ could not reach his own ‘creation’ himself, and therefore he created his own star realm.

This star realm was guided by Lucifer, the 'Soul Sucker,' for his greater purposes. This realm was known as the YAHWEH realm. That name you can relate to, as it is well known upon your planet. Though, understand different names are used for that same realm and being.

The exact pronunciation for the name YAHWEH is not as necessary to understand as it is to understand what its greater purpose was; to take over all of life existing in the darker cave, which is often known as the ‘Cave of Wo.’

Within the ‘Cave of Wo’ only the memories of life could exist within as no life can exist in the dark abyss states and in a dense black hole.

No ‘life’ could exist in the kingdom of the denseness as Lucifer the ‘Soul Sucker’ had taken all of life source away. You can only exist in ‘memories’ within the Crystallized ‘Cave of Wo.’

The ‘Cave of Wo’ was his ‘Kingdom.’ Yahweh’s mission, directed by Lucifer, was to remove any possibility that the Love from the Love realms could reach the lower kingdoms. The only being who could bring love into the dark realms of the black hole of the lower kingdom where you live in, was the Divine Love Element.

Know that Thoth and other dark leaders worked on this same mission, however, Thoth did not desire the anger and destruction the Lucifer and Yahweh path desired.


Here, I, CAEAYARON, wish to help you grasp this without bringing fear within you but to help you open your eyes spiritually. When you bring worship to Yahweh and believe in his great god self, then you bring power to him and Lucifer as they are both the same being; from a multidimensional perspective.

They wanted to own all of the thoughts upon the planet of mankind, as then they, the darkness, would be able to control you.

If you believed in a ‘God,’ and if they could steer you into certain directions, then they would be able to control you in all spaces. You would never be able to leave their ‘dominion’ unless a gateway to the higher dimension was created, which seemed unlikely according to them because of their enormous power they held within them.

If you as mankind caused destruction to yourself, which you did many times, then the fear produced within you, within your eternal memories, would serve as greater power for the darkness. They desire fear, anger, envy, depression, sickness, aging, all things that are not of the love.

This has brought the kingdom of the darkness more ‘light’ within them.

As you are ‘ACTIVATED' within the DENSE GRIDS, because of the collective choice made in Lemuria, all through the ages the people brought light to the darkness because suffering extracts more light from you.

This was called, by Lucifer and Yahweh, YOUR PERSONAL SACRIFICE FOR YOUR 'GODS' as you sacrificed yourself willingly to them during the collective fall of Lemuria.

You will remain activated into the lower grids unless you become activated into my higher love grids; those are my CAEAYARON’s grids.

There, there is no suffering, and no one takes your energy away for their own purpose. There, the beings in the love work collectively to bring more power within themselves for their own evolution and it benefits all on that planetary system and in all of their universes. All work with the love and for the love and they become more love.

Know, as long as you stayed in the kingdom of the darkness you would not be able to leave unless you found the way up with my Divine Being, CAEAYARON.


If Yahweh had succeeded to keep you in the lower kingdom, removing all possibility for the Divine Love Element to enter, as a reward his ‘Father,’ Lucifer, would then create another playing field for his ‘Son’ Yahweh, and promised him great sovereignty over all of creation for that is what both the ‘father’ and the ‘son’ of Lucifer’s army desired.

Now they had the ‘spirit’ of LAEYARAESEA, the Divine Love Element, gridded in, in Lemuria within the Flower of Life, over which Thoth claimed power.

This they claimed to be the ‘Holy Spirit’ as they knew it was from holy spaces and that neither the ‘Father’ nor the ‘Son’ could create without.

This created an interesting scenario for the ‘Father’ Lucifer, and the ‘Son,’ who was the same being as the ‘Father’ but was Yahweh in the lower dimensions.

Understand that it was the Yahweh son being who was given my voice of CAEAYARON in the ancient Lemurian land as they desired that power. Because the great majority of the Lemurians chose for that being, all power was lost deep into the dark hole that Lucifer had dug for the son to live in.

I, CAEAYARON, AM here explaining the same scene in many different ways for you to understand the seriousness of it.


No Divine Light could come into the black hole, because of its great darkness. The only being who could communicate with the light was LAEYARAESEA who had been gridded in herself, so deeply within the 'Flower of Life' of Thoth, because of the actions and choice of the great collective of the Great Lemurians in Lemuria, upon failing to stay in the love collectively.

She was able to escape the grids of denseness only because a large part of her Being is held in the higher realms, protected by us as SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT and my Divine Being, CAEAYARON.

At that time of the Great Fall, I, CAEAYARON, gave a large part of my Being to the darkness, to allow the Choice to happen, and because I could never let LAEYARAESEA go, as she is part of my Divine Being, they used my Being, CAEAYARON, for their own dark purposes.

As you can understand the higher love dimensions were very sad, for they had lost a large part of my Divine Being, CAEAYARON, to the lower realms and they had lost LAEYARAESEA, the one who they loved most of all, to the lower realms, and thus she had no more power in the higher love realms to help her beloved creation.

A pathway needed to become established to retrieve everything back; should the people so desire.

Know that the Universal Light Grid Programmer won the Universal Love Codes back in December 2017 on your timeline, which means the higher love universes are able to become restored now, which was her largest mission.

Therefore, her largest Divine Mission has been accomplished. It is only with her great love for mankind and all of creation that she will go onto the next part of her mission; should you begin to listen as a collective.


Lucifer was very glad when the Great Lemurians, the great and powerful Lemurians, fell into his hand because they desired it within their heart and sacrificed themselves to him, making an oath to serve him.

Mankind now was his dominion to play with and Divine Love was not to interfere, unless a Divine Gateway was established and the Violet Flame was strong enough to create another pathway.

Lucifer and Yahweh proved themselves over and over again to be the dark gateway. Where ever there were to be churches, spiritual belief systems, people dying, world wars, celebrations, large ships sinking, Lucifer would send his ‘son’ to those spaces so that Yahweh was seen and ‘remembered’ as then Lucifer, his ‘father,’ would be able to take the power extracted from the painful memories within the ‘Cave of Wo.’

Understand, you live in the ‘Cave of Wo.’ You think you are living, but as I, CAEAYARON, keep explaining ‘all is an illusion.’

At the time of the people turning against Jesus collectively, Lucifer’s power grew extensively. Again, the people had chosen against the Divine Love Element and the Great Divine ‘Kingdom.’ They twisted the teachings greatly, and now they could bring the Divine Love Element, Jesus, into the churches and they could bring many to ‘sacrifice’ themselves in the name of the ‘father’ the ‘son’ and the ‘holy spirit,’ thereby growing the power of Lucifer the ‘Soul Sucker.’


Because of the timeline of ‘Jesus’ and the ‘Crucifixion’ and ‘all their deceit and lies,’ all in the Universal Game changed.

Now LAEYARAESEA needed to fight with all her might, in many lifetimes coming, to get the power grids back to the light so that the people and the earth could be saved; should the people desire to listen, by opening up the timeline to ‘The Choice.’ You are living in that timeline now; the most crucial of all timelines.

So now you have reached this stage of 2019. Well done. You have had several attempts to reach the door of 2019, just before the greater alignment to earth comes, and in the other attempts you did not make it.

This is the LAST OPPORTUNITY. Understand, after this attempt, there is NO WAY BACK

You do not understand this, nor can you comprehend that parallel scenarios can be created to help you understand how to turn all of consciousness towards the higher path.

I, CAEAYARON, must congratulate all Star Sacred World Healers who are activated at this time, for they are safe. No matter what the next choices are of mankind, they are safe to go up.

As you know, the Galactic Federations of Light Societies are attempting to create scenarios and ways for all of mankind to be saved from going down to the deeper stages of the deeper abyss.

I, CAEAYARON, do not desire to bring more out at this stage, for this would only create fear. Fear at this time, in your world, is not what you need to hear from Divine, for your world is in greater trouble than you seem to realize. You need to hear a path of hope from Divine.

I, CAEAYARON, like I have stated in a YouTube teaching, came at the right time, right in your last minute. If it was not for the way out to help you understand that all things can be saved, and a pathway is able to be created to help you save your planet and many of your people, then nothing could be saved.


You are living in a timeline which is called, ‘The Great Choice.’ Here you are, living on your planet, not understanding that everything is seen in a Divine Court Room. I AM the Eternal Living Judge of the Universe, and I, CAEAYARON, allowed you to experiment and experience with the choice you, collectively, desired most of all.

That choice was made in Lemuria as many turned against my Divine Being, CAEAYARON, and against my three Divine Messengers, my Light Grid Programmers who were Reuben, Harmonic Flows, Laeyaraesea, Divine Love Element, and Ishmakael, Sacred Light Geometry Codes.

I, CAEAYARON, will keep repeating the same information until you understand this as the people do not understand the importance of this information.

These three Divine Messengers were more important than you realize as they gifted you ‘Codes of Life.’

These codes allowed you to come back to the love universes after ALL YOUR OPTIONS WERE DESTROYED and TAKEN by none other than the ‘father’ Lucifer, who is worshipped greatly upon your earth.

Even many who are unaware of it are worshipping the father of the darkness, and the son of the darkness, who plays in many roles upon your earth, all trying to ‘barrel’ in the darkness of the humans so that mankind forever is locked into the deep states of the abyss.

Destruction seeks destruction, understand that. There is no reasoning with destructive power as it only seeks to destroy.

Again, I, CAEAYARON, could go into this large subject, but I will not, not at this stage, as you now need answers as how you can escape the next fall downwards.


Know, that I, CAEAYARON, AM eternal love, and I, CAEAYARON, desire all life to live in the love dimensions. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, desires all life to evolve in the higher states of love and HE does not desire any of life to suffer.

I, CAEAYARON, have sent my faithful Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer, LAEYARAESEA, to your planet in many lifetimes for many missions.

Many of those missions were to help others, who were on Divine Missions working along with the Divine Love Element, to gain a greater understanding and to receive information, so they could all go back into time to bring a solution to a serious issue.

One of these times was in World War II where large amounts of people were on Divine Missions together, all to stop the greatest tragedy from happening. There you needed to work together to create a solution, and thus a solution came. Well done on preventing the greatest tragedy possible.

Many people suffered greatly upon your planet, however, do understand that far greater issues were at stake; issues I, CAEAYARON, cannot reveal to you at this time.

I, CAEAYARON, have built my Universal Light Grid Programmer up greatly, and her flows are strong. She would not understand this, and she does not understand the enormity of her task in the near future; should the people desire Divine Direction collectively.


So far, the rejection towards the Divine Path has been enormous from the spiritual community, though there are those, in important positions who are awakening. They, I call the bright minds. They have been keeping an ‘eye’ on all things; including ancient prophecies.

The stupid ones are the ones who do not see this. They do not understand how important the Divine Pathway is. They cannot see the difference between a human and my Divine Being, CAEAYARON.

Many even claim that Buddha was more important than my Divine Being, CAEAYARON, or my Universal Light Grid Programmer, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

In this they are gravely mistaken. Buddha had no power other than to influence the minds of the people. He gathered his knowledge from ancient times and other places.

He was ‘enlightened’ but not sent from the LOVE REALMS. He was part of Thoth’s Enlightened Universes sent to you in the hope to bring enough sense into you to stop worshipping Yahweh or to stop you turning to the Divine Love Pathway, as Thoth was not of Love. He desired to become the Sovereign Ruler also, like Lucifer the Soul Sucker and Yahweh.

The ones who do not understand how important the Divine Activations of my Divine Being, CAEAYARON are, or the power of the Divine Love Force is, are what I, CAEAYARON, class as ‘stupid’ for they are wishing all the badness to come to all of creation and they do not understand what they are saying or choosing for.

Many others do not understand the connection between Jesus and my Universal Light Grid Programmer and state that this, what I, CAEAYARON, AM stating here, cannot be true. They do not even desire to investigate my great teachings further. Thus, they form a large part of the great collective choice of no peace coming to your world at all.

Many are still praying for an answer to come. ‘LORD, please give us answers. You promised you would come.’

Here I AM, together with the Divine Love Element, the Divine Word, and very few are listening.


My Divine Love Element is rather nervous at this time. It is not the first time she has been nervous in her assignments.

In one of her previous lifetimes she was sent to go to the people to bring Divine messages through to stop destruction happening to them.

She refused to listen to Divine because of her fear, and as a result she was swallowed up by a large fish when she tried to run away. Upon returning she found the people did desire to listen and so humanity could carry on with new ways of looking at all of life.

I, CAEAYARON, often bring this lifetime to her attention because it is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL for ALL OF MANKIND and your EARTH that she carries out her Divine Assignment.

In many lifetimes she needed to bring through important messages; and this lifetime is no different, though the consequences are much more severe now.


In the times of Jesus, as the man Jesus, she brought through important messages to state that the GREAT DIVINE FATHER EMMANUEL is the GREAT FATHER OF LOVE.

Jesus stated often that he was the Divine Messenger and he explained what the Road to eternal life was.

Many of his followers understood that there were two different pathways: (1) the pathway of the one who caused destruction; the God of the darkness, (2) and the pathway to eternal life; that being, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, THE GREAT ETERNAL FATHER OF ETERNAL LOVE.

They understood the importance of changing their life to allow the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL to guide them to a greater life. Jesus prophesied that HE would return, and that he, Jesus, would also return to be The Word to allow the Divine Thoughts of the GREAT PATH to come to the people.

Now this prophecy has come true and many others have come true and most people are unwilling to see it. They are still in the frame of thought that Jesus was anything else but a ‘man.’

In the times of Jesus, his friends and followers often saw Jesus in states of being a man. Jesus felt for all the people. He was seen as happy, angry, entertaining, compassionate, as a healer, a friend, and someone who was to be respected also.

When he channelled messages through, the power the people felt was enormous. The Divine Word is the Divine Messenger, and I, CAEAYARON, state, I, CAEAYARON, will use no other.


I, CAEAYARON, came through the other gateway first as KRYON. A few decades ago I approached him to open up pathways he had originally closed to stop you rising back to the light; should you desire to take the higher path of love.

Once I, CAEAYARON, was freed up enough, and the pathways of your DNA system, and the pathways within the earth grids had opened enough, I, CAEAYARON could then bring in a large beam from the higher universes to reach the lower states of my gridded, imprisoned being in.

I, CAEAYARON, also sent a large beam, from my lower imprisoned state to my higher being where I AM eternally free, to allow an alignment of my Divine Being, to come. This was in 2012.

That was a significant marker that the earth grids and the Lemurians were able to become freed; should they desire that to happen.

I, CAEAYARON, approached my true and authentic channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who was always the Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer, in 2014.

In 2015 the Divine Activations began, and in 2016, I, CAEAYARON, began to explain my greater purpose and my true identity which the channel of ‘KRYON’ could never reach because love is not within him.


Recently, between the late days of December 2018 and the early days of January 2019, a vital 'Alignment' took place upon your earth as power-grids were connected.

I, CAEAYARON, together with my Universal Light Grid Programmer worked together connecting the power-grids upwards, ensuring that no harm could take place to the grids anymore. This means the earth grids and the higher grids are in connection. This is far more important than you realize.

This allows my Divine Power to grow upon and within your earth grids now, to bring you a solution to all your issues upon your planet; should you desire to understand it collectively.

I AM building my GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT within the earth grids, and the next part of the game, should you desire to be ‘saved’ is absolutely crucial, as this requires collective desire, collective thought and my Divine Protection very greatly.

Know that, I, CAEAYARON, have already saved your earth from destruction over the last little while, more than you know, only because of the power-grids being connected and the Divine Activations happening within the earth grids at this time.

The Star Sacred World Healers, because of their intense desire to bring love to your planet, together with the great intense desire from my Universal Light Grid Programmer, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, have been able to achieve something that was not able to be achieved in any other way.

The great question now is, will the next gate be opened to allow you to see what can happen if you desire Divine Guidance? This is a larger assignment.

You have two choices. You can carry on with your ways, which will lead to destruction without a way back, or there is another way, but you will need to desire to listen to what I, CAEAYARON, say, and here I AM talking to very specific people.

The power-grids connecting allows the data from the thoughts of humans to enter the spaces of the Galactic Federations of Light Societies as they are determining, at this time, how to bring a higher way of life to your planet, as they desire to be part of this earth’s collective healing programme. They then bring their thoughts to my Divine Being, CAEAYARON.

Know that I, CAEAYARON, do not need them to do this, but it is a good task to help them evolve into greater Star Love Creators; thus, they receive that task.

I, CAEAYARON, have my one Universal Light Grid Programmer in place, should the people collectively desire to hear how your world can be saved. If not, you will not be able to understand the higher information, nor can you receive higher thought systems that could allow you to find a greater solution.

Understand, that to save your world, the healing must come into self first. You all need healing, especially so for the ones who say that they do not require healing. They are indeed the ones who I, CAEAYARON, call ‘Stupid.’ How else will you grow into strong, powerful beings, if you desire to stay within your weak force of mind?


Regarding the power of the thought: Understand that the thought is a power-field within itself. The ones who are very strong within their thought systems understand the power of this. They are forces which create change if the power thought fields are able to unite collectively.

This is what the darkness always knew of and hence you have your world in chaos to prevent the collective manifestation to happen.

For the ones who say that your world is not in chaos, I would encourage you to look around. If you still do not desire healing for your earth and mankind, then unfortunately you have no place in the higher love dimensions either, for your attitude towards all of life needs to change before you can even become part of the higher creation where love and passion for life does exist. Up there they are unified together and love life together and will do their ultimate best to create greater planets of life.

They have more beauty and wealth than you have on your planet. Their technology is much more advanced than your technology. Their personal possessions are far more advanced than yours are, and they cannot even begin to think about living in a fixed house, unable to move or change, as they change their environment with their thought systems.

If they desire to move their mobile home to the mountains within their thoughts for a while, they can. They do not need to fly in planes like you do or pack their bags like you do to change destination. Why would they? They move their homes in groups together and enjoy that temporarily before exploring another scene; all according to their own wishes.

They cannot even begin to imagine what it is like living in your world, needing to think about driving, spending time cooking food, and then doing the housework. They do all things with their thoughts, and they do not eat like you do, for their bodies are light.

Their bodies are not dense and they do not require toilets as they do not have waste from their bodies, which is dense. The denser the creation is, the denser the excrement becomes.

All their creation is far grander than you have at this time. You have beautiful flowers, but how long do they last? They have large flowers, always growing and always chatting to them about their own thoughts, giving star beings company and a friend, which they greatly enjoy.

In the higher star love dimensions there is no aging, loneliness, suffering, fear of war or fear of disease. They do not even desire to go near those consciousness streams, but because of their great love for mankind at this time, they are looking at all information gathered from your thoughts as the Universal Light Grid Programmer has achieved connecting the power-grids.

Star Beings of Love are protecting their thoughts greatly from your thoughts to come up with solutions, focus, and ways to help you, without being influenced themselves with your ‘diseased’ consciousness, for they understand well, the power of thought and how weak thoughts are a forcefield and can destroy the strong thoughts; if there is weakness to be found in their strong thoughts.

Know how much love they have for you, and most humans do not even care or give a thought about it. The wise humans heed this message and see the greater purpose behind this message.

For the ones who are following these messages with great interest, learning to understand the power of my Divine Being, CAEAYARON, and how I, CAEAYARON, can help the world and all of mankind, they are the ‘wise’ ones.

They are learning to understand what a Universal Light Grid Programmer is and what that can mean for mankind and your earth. Those ones are very wise.

I, CAEAYARON, AM looking forward to seeing how you can bring Divine Power into your reality and learn to work with the ONE PATH that can save your earth.

What will you do? I, CAEAYARON, strongly suggest you begin to open up and speak to me through my Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer, my Divine Word, to bring your thoughts and desires from your heart through.

Then the Great Galactic Love Force Team, together with my Universal Light Grid Programmer, together with my Being, CAEAYARON, can begin to move forward together, and work with main people upon your planet as one great force team, for otherwise no life upon your earth can be saved.

There is still time to move at this point.


Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel Divine Ascension Channel of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT & CAEAYARON, THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIFE.

Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer of CAEAYARON, THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT.

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