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Return Of Christ

24/01/2019 - Latest News

Ladies generally hold a greater love ray than men, for they are the bringers of beautiful life.

To communicate with another one must harmonize with them, or meet them on a synergistic frequency as we connect. Only those of the highest heart of love wil
l resonate and harmonize with the Divine Call at this time, as only a radio tuned to the right frequency will play a love song beamed through that frequency.

For a fair test and to better harmonize with humans, the WORD came to earth as human instead of one of the other many things within the grid reality humans see, hear or smell. People would fear if the sky or a mountain boomed its voice at them, and would not take an animal or tree seriously; even if a human was able to harmonize with them sufficiently to communicate together. How else but through a beautiful loving lady would the Divine Love Element, Christ Child, who was Jesus, return to earth at this most important time of the CHOICE?

The activated of CAEAYARON harmonize with his grids of love and harmony, and may therefore ascend into them.

To save the earth in this free will universe, the leaders must choose to harmonize with The Great Divine Mountain Of Light, so their earth grids may do the same. Only those who harmonize with the life and protection of Divinely Guided Collective Love Consciousness may thrive within that grid reality. Without this the earth grids will continue to devolve into greater disorder and entropy, eventually phasing, or tuning, out of the human consciousness; destination lightlessness, or greater darkness of death.

The activated grids will ascend into greater collective order, ascension and loving creation in harmony, synergy and synchronicity with all others in the most beautiful Divinely Guided Collective Love Consciousness.

Will you choose to harmonize with the WORD, and move your heart to a higher peace and love frequency band or not?

To heal the world you must heal yourself. Please UNDERSTAND that the clock is ticking whether you are ready or not. The magnetic fields of the earth are wondering while CAEAYARON states how the grids are separating. Please be in the great forgiveness and love always and follow the WAY of PEACE and LOVE always, no matter how this conflicts with the existing heady structures of the human. Those who follow their heart over their ego are the change makers and giants that history will always remember, for ever more into eternity. These, our Great Sovereign Lord Emmanuel calls the wise ones and he welcomes them to sit at his table for ever more. ❤️