Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

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Pleiadian Awakening

08/01/2019 - Latest News

Namaste, this is Stephen
I wish you much love and great awakening.

It is little known on human earth the great work that the Pleiadians of love and light are doing to protect and heal us and to keep us safe to ensure the Ascension Programme of CAEAYARON is protected and the people are able to make THE CHOICE of ascending up into CAEAYARON's grids of Divinely Guided Collective Love Consciousness, free of fear, conflict, disease and limitation, or to remain in the descending Blackhole Yahweh in the Lucifer vortex streams of gravity and pressure people do not even know they are compressed within.

Please note that the pleiadians of light will always reveal their mission and their names to you, and you will feel their love and compassion, while the fallen Pleiadians of darkness, who desirer you not to ascend into greater love and light will not, for they are controlled within the armies of shadow.

The below extract is as an awakening call within the amazing light book; "Your History Revealed" which was transmitted from HALISARIUS (Pleiadian Chief Commander & Leader of The Galactic Federation Of Light Society) through their only channel Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. The book is available on Amazon:

Part 42: How control began and still exists today
A long time ago, we were friends with you. It was at a time when pain and fear were present on your earth. You were in a state of confusion and did not know what had happened, or how it happened. We calmed your fears and gave you healings of energy and Light.

We are healers and transmitters of Light. We understand much about your energy body and the realms in which you live. We understand how you are built and how dense you became.

A long, long time ago, many, many thousands of years ago, before the Great Battle of Consciousness began, you played with Light. You could move from plane to plane with ease. Life was easy and fun. You did not know war, you did not know pain. You did not understand anger. You were perfect, discovering your own creator within you and your magnificence that you held.

That changed when control and fear entered the atmospheres in your area of play. You could not understand why these beings came and why they took over your lives. You could not understand what they wanted and why they were cruel.

Many of the people died in the battle against these tyrants. They took control of you like animals. They raped the women to have offspring and then killed the women who gave birth to their offspring. The women who gave birth to their offspring would not have survived the birth anyway because the babies were too large.

They made sure to numb you and put great fear into you. You were forced to be their slaves. They came with machinery to mine your earth and they were largely after your gold.

They created slaves of your race to mine their treasures to use it for fuel and for their planets at home. They carried powerful weapons. Many of those weapons were controlled with their mind. These weapons could destroy large areas at a time and people feared these weapons.
Slowly, over time, you forgot who you were. You forgot you were from the stars and instead, you lived day to day and became denser and denser. You did not remember anything else but work. Your memories of joy disappeared and your original DNA that was perfect with the Light from the stars was reduced. They shrunk your DNA, they tested it and they made sure your coding was not of the Star Light anymore. They desired control. They desired to make you their slaves.

There is much to teach you about these beings. However, we do not want to place more fear within you. Already, when many read these pages, the fear will creep in.
Creating fear within you is not our intention as Pleiadians of the Light. Our intention is to educate you and to help you become free from these dark beings.

You may ask, free from them? But we do not see them anymore? We are free now. Are we not?

We ask you to look at your world for a moment. How are you free? You are numb. You do not remember your ancestry. You do not remember the planets you are truly from. You do not remember the love that you truly are. You only remember pain and fear which has been imprinted into your cellular system for hundreds of thousands of years.

How are you free, dear ones? Can you not see that you are a slave class, walking around, day by day, wondering how you will survive the coming decades? Wondering who will set you free?

Many of you pray to God to set you free and to find your salvation. Surely then, you admit you are not free.

How are you still slaves? Look at your system. You are not free. You work, you pay, you work and you pay. You are slaves to a worldwide system and surely your New World Order, that promised better systems in your life, has not come to be, has it?

Please dear ones. Please, we urge you to wake up.
They are here still controlling the majority of people.
Greetings, I AM Halisarius, your dear old friend.

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