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12/01/2019 - Latest News

BUILDING A STRONG MIND TO OVERCOME THE LOWER MIND Teaching by Lord Maitreya, Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel 12 January 2019.

Greetings, I AM LORD MAITREYA, and I am here to help you grow into greater love and to help you understand how beautiful life can be, if you wish to have that.

Becoming more beautified within yourself takes constant work. Each day you are asked if you have the greater desire to grow into a more fulfilled person, with higher understanding and learning to grow into a more advanced way of self, filled with love for self and others.

For most people this is a constant struggle as they desire to grow with higher thoughts, but their lower thoughts constantly play against their higher thoughts. They have a desire to grow into higher waves of thoughts, but their lower thoughts battle the higher waves constantly.

The lower thoughts have played upon your earth in all your lifetimes very strongly, and because all thought waves are connected within you and within all people, it is easier to go towards the thoughts which are the strongest players within the people collectively.

This is why the battle is strong within because the collective play in the lower thought waves and the minority practice the higher thought waves. Thus, it is only the very strong who conquer the battle of the mind. The mind is powerful and you also know this. The thought has been studied upon your planet very much and is becoming more intensely studied.

There are people upon your planet who know the power of the mind and they work with the power of the mind each day. Often, they look at the people who do not understand it and wonder why many do not grasp how to work with the mind. This takes lifetimes of understanding, as all is learned from lifetime to lifetime and depending on the purpose of that person, depends on how strong the mind is developed. This is for you to discover.

The power of forgiveness cannot be understated. When you learn to forgive all that has happened in your life and forgive yourself and others, and learn the ways of compassion, this grows the power of the mind. It takes a strong mind to truly learn to forgive and to become compassionate from the heart of love.

Great numbers of people upon your planet do not understand this level of forgiveness and compassion from the heart.

To truly become forgiving and compassionate takes a strong and powerful mind, always working with the desire to work with the highest Divine Will and to put Divine Will first in their life above all other things. Therefore, the deep love to do the Will of Divine brings greater strength within than all other things, and then the great blessings come to that person.

Holding anger, resentment and judgement within a mind brings weakness within, thus, learning to understand this lesson takes strength within itself.

Great numbers walk upon your planet unaware of energies and thoughts. They do not care much for themselves other than what is happening within their day. They stand in constant judgement. Instead of building themselves with greater strength within, they tear themselves down constantly by tearing others down. They do not understand that all is a reflection of what is within. What they do to others, they do to themselves. Many do not consider the importance of self-love, or building the love within as they do not understand, nor desire the power of the love.

Many others believe that building the mind up means to stay away from others since they consider their own importance to be too great to help others. This is not building up the strength within their mind for a strong person will not do this. They will help their friends and families as a spiritual guide would, not by rescuing them, but by bringing in the guidance and the healings for others, always guiding others to a higher way of love, if that is possible. No one can be forced to change to the higher way of love but it must always be of their own choice.

When a person has a strong mind, standing in the strength of forgiveness and power, that one can bring through greater strength than people who are the rescuers and who take on the burdens of others. The person with a strong mind understands that taking on burdens of others and being the rescuer creates great weakness within, thus they will avoid the road of pain.

Many believe being numb to their own feelings is building up the strength within their mind since they do not feel the pain and fear within. This is building a false sense of self. This does not build the power within the mind, as the one who builds true power within their mind is aware of all their inner feelings and reflects constantly upon them. This one always stands in the forgiveness of self and of others, constantly bringing in the greater love from above within themselves. This one is willing to be guided constantly and trusts in Divine to guide them.

Indeed, the one who trusts in Divine at this time of the Great Cosmic Alignment is truly building up their power within the mind and now you have the answers before you as to how you can build a better world together, but not many people see the greater spiritual gifts being offered.

The desire to heal the people in your world and the desire to bring peace and love needs to grow among the people. The desire to understand the Divine Path of love needs to grow among your people, for it is then the true spiritual gifts of strengths can come to those who truly practice the love within themselves.

In this time of the Great Alignment, I, LORD MAITREYA, will state how magnificent it is you have come to this one door within the maze of time. You struggled to come here and were determined, as a collective, to come here. You desired to come to this part of the living maze to discover how to build your world into greater love and return to the higher love dimensions.

Collectively you achieved coming here, but will you desire to go to the next door upwards?

Now you have an opportunity to build upon, but this is where strength of the heart and the mind is tested. Do you have it within you, collectively, to desire the higher spiritual gifts coming to those who are Divinely Guided upon your planet? Do you desire to be part of the greater work?

The door to the higher gateways of greater power is not open for very long upon your planet, and I, LORD MAITREYA, will keep encouraging you to grow into the love with the desire to walk through that door.

As you know the GREAT CAEAYARON is constantly inviting people into the Greater Ascension Gateway, giving the Mantles of Love back, giving you the Key to go to the higher states of Beingness, giving you your Lemurian Codes of Love back; the ones you lost collectively during the greatest fall in Lemuria.
But is your mind and heart strong enough to desire all these gifts that can give you the power collectively to change your world, your people, and to allow you to grow back into strong star beings?

To desire this, it takes a strong and determined mind. Many people reject the higher gateway of love at this time, for they do not see the importance or the benefits. They do not understand the spiritual gateway that is open before them. They cannot spiritually see this, nor do they understand this. It takes strong minded people to understand this for they will deeply reflect within the greater path and make sense of this needing to take place.

They can see why Divine is opening up the Gateway to Life at this time as nothing else can succeed upon your planet. They can see it is time to drop all they knew and take on the higher personalities of love and forgiveness. They can see the powerful gifts coming within, because they are being called by The Great Divine, and for them it is important.

Only the strong minded people, who are walking in their heart of forgiveness and love will desire the higher pathway.

I, LORD MAITREYA, state how wonderful it would be to see many more people desiring these higher spiritual gifts of power and spiritual healing to come to the GREAT CAEAYARON.

I send you the blessings and the love from my greater realms of love, where I exist and I desire no other place to be now,


Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel Divine Ascension Channel of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT & CAEAYARON, THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT.
Divine Love Element, and Universal Light Grid Programmer of CAEAYARON, THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT.

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