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Divine Listening Post December 2018

10/01/2019 - Latest News

Namaste and I send you so much love and many blessings of love and healings always,💜💞🌹 
Please find the below link for our latest December 2018, Divine Listening Post, with many beautiful spiritual gifts within the information that will bring many blessings to your life. 💜🏵🤗🌺
CAEAYARON will bless you greatly for desiring love and peace to come into your life and to our planet.  💜💞  When you desire the love and healings from CAEAYARON, then please open your heart while you are reading the words within the newsletter. 💜
CAEAYARON is guiding us towards a new stage of spiritual understanding within his many lessons. 💕  These spiritual understandings and revelations have never happened before on our planet.  If you desire to understand more, join me on Facebook and YouTube (under Suzanna Maria Emmanuel) where you can find so much more guidance, information and deeper knowledge.  You can also do much research on 💗
Within the newsletter you will find how people are enjoying the Divine Activations of CAEAYARON. 🤗😁 You will have greater insight on the work that is going on worldwide.🌏  More Star Sacred World Healers desired to contribute to this newsletter.  Please know those loving contributions will be added into our next newsletter, so please keep sending in your wonderful thoughts.   🌺💛
How blessed we are to come to this time of the Great Awakening and able to learn to understand how important these 'Living Codes' that CAEAYARON gives us at the Divine Activations are, as they mean our eternal freedom from the denseness we have experienced for thousands of lifetimes, since the fall of Lemuria, without being able to escape the earth grids.  We now can feel our growth, as Star Sacred World Healers, happening in so many ways, and it gives us a deep peace and love within, knowing we are safe on all levels. 💗💜💞🌹
May you have a blessed time during the holiday celebrations. 💜🏵🤗 May you remember how blessed you are for being alive and well at this time.  💜💛 When you give a gift to another, or receive a gift from another, may it be from your heart, and may your gratitude be so great that CAEAYARON can bless you so much, as he blesses the givers and receivers who are filled with love and gratitude within their hearts, 💞 for love and gratitude from the heart, with giving and receiving, is worth much more than any material things on our planet can give to us.💕💞💛  Nothing is more precious than the gift of love from another and to another.🏵💕🏵💗🌺
May we always remember that, and may we always be in deep appreciation for being able to receive our Divine Activations back at this time with the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON, who can then bless us eternally into all universes of freedom coming.
Please feel free to pass the newsletter on, to anyone who is open to the Divine Activations and who desire to understand more about CAEAYARON's Divine Ascension Programme, for then he can bless your friends and people also. 💕💛💞🏵💜
Much love and healing I always send to you, with all my heart of love, 💛💕💗💕
Suzanna Maria Emmanuel 💕💗💜
Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, of the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON.