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24/01/2019 - Latest News

DESIRE PEACE UPON YOUR PLANET From the Book of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT available soon on Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel

Namaste Dearest Readers. This is a part of the new book given by SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT which will be released soon. The title will be revealed in the near future.

Today, CAEAYARON urged me to share it with you on facebook, so here it is. Have a beautiful time reading it.

Sending you much love, joy, peace and streams of forgiveness strength,

Angel hugs forever, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel

Greetings, I AM SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT. Many things upon your earth are to be desired. Many people on your earth desire material wealth and a lifestyle with all the greatest wonders in life. Many desire beautiful clothes and spend much money and energy on wardrobes to create a unique look, and many others strive for the ultimate and work hard. Many people can achieve their dreams and many others cannot.

Is finding the ultimate material wealth the greatest key to happiness for you? I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, desire to help you understand that it is the inner spiritual path which gives you the greatest happiness and contentment, as all things are about spiritual growth and expansion.

There was once a man who had everything. That man gained his possessions working hard on a mill. When he came to an old age, he looked at all his possessions and desired to understand what his greater purpose was in life. Was it to gain all the material wealth he had accumulated? But how was this going to serve him in death? He wondered greatly.

The old man did not know what to do with his possessions after death, so one day he approached a young man who had worked for him previously and asked if he desired to inherit all his wealth and take care of his property after his death.

The young man looked at the master of the mill and said to him, ‘Please think about it greatly sir, for the wealth of your property could help many instead of only myself. Please think about it.’

The older man pondered on this matter and began to travel; to understand other people greater. There, he found many people in need of housing and food.

As he was a master of great wealth without exploring other people’s issues, he did not realize their extent of suffering. Therefore, he reasoned deeper it was his greater purpose to help these ones instead of gathering material wealth for himself.

The wealthy man sold his property and began to live among the people. He began to help them with farming land and set the way to help them become providers for themselves. He began to educate them.

He began to understand that true happiness comes from helping others to grow and explore life greater. After his death he became known as the guide for many.

I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, state there are many lessons to learn from this one story. Gaining material wealth for self is not wrong. How can there be anything wrong in the eyes of my Divine Being for there is no right or wrong in the universe? You understand that all serves as a learning experience.

However, to go beyond the physical and understand that all in your life serves as a greater purpose is important to your deeper spirituality. Consider how to help many people understand the higher ways. How can life be improved in all ways? How can you help others to understand a more loving and content way of living?

This man of great wealth, once he began to explore the greater community around him, held no judgement as to how poor or rich the people were.

Consider the young man he approached who could have agreed to take on the wealth. He would have missed the greatest opportunity to help people in the greater community to live a greater life without that young man. Both the master and the younger man played significant roles with increasing abundance for all.

The spiritual lessons are everywhere to be found in your world. It does not matter if you are rich or poor, you learn from all things. In all things find deep contentment in your life. Be grateful for all you have, and always ask the Great Universe of Love to look after you, your people you care about and your possessions, for all is a part of you and all is there to be experienced by you.

Allow all to be a teacher for you. Have no judgement towards anything, but instead always consider ‘How you can help the world to go forward now?’

I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, say in your world there are greater opportunities for each person upon your planet. There is something you can do, for yourself, for each other, for your planet and for your eternal future coming.

I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, always said a time would come when I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, would return to your planet with my Divine Word to allow my Voice to be heard in all the nations and into all the corners of the earth as a way upwards would then open, for the ones who desired peace to come to your planet.

The people who heard that 2,000 years ago through Jesus, my Divine Word, were desperately looking for deeper meaning and answers in life as you are also looking. They desired to know when the Great Return would be. I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, said through Jesus, I would return when the people would desire to listen to a higher way.

All throughout this time people have been seeking their own guidance; their own ways of understanding. The time was given for all to be seen and examined for themselves over many lifetimes. Now, there is no more time for the people. If we Divine Creators, allowed more lifetimes to happen, nothing could be saved.

I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, prophesied in those days, 2000 years ago, ‘When the people desire to listen to the Great Will, and pray for Divine Will to take place upon the earth, then it will be when I return.’

It so is. Now ‘The Great Mountain of Light,’ CAEAYARON is here upon your planet, and I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, have given HIM the task to bring alignment to those who desire to be in ‘The Great Mountain of Light,’ so that they can be eternally blessed.

In ‘The Great Mountain of Light,’ THE GREAT CAEAYARON, spiritually the people are nourished and safeguarded, for no one will take them anymore to the lower dimensions once they pass over to spirit. Instead they go to the higher states of being, and they are free to explore the greater universes.

Gone are the times within their minds, at that time, when they suffered, for suffering will not be part of them any longer.

‘A new earth will rise, and on that earth no suffering will occur within their minds any longer. They saw the Great Lord in the Time of the End rising and they rejoiced greatly. They praised HIS Great Return, and HE praised them eternally.

‘Come now my people, rejoice in your eternal freedom. No longer will suffering be on your path, for all those times have gone away. Your freedom will be eternal.

‘Be in the Mountain of Protection and come and rejoice within all the blessings.’

To those who refused to allow Divine Will to take place upon your planet and those who refused to be in ‘The Great Mountain of Light,’ to them I state, ‘I cannot allow you to enter the higher states of freedom. Peace it is you did not want, and again you denied my existence. How can I, GREAT MASTER OF ALL UNIVERSAL SPACES, allow you to be in my house, my mansion where only goodness exists within, if you do not desire to be in the love, as I AM only Divine Love?

‘I choose not to have people within my courtyard who choose not to see my Divine Being. Again, many choose to go against my Divine Word. Like in the days of old, when I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, sent my Divine Word Jesus to the earth plane, who was ridiculed by many for the great message he carried, again, my Divine Word, upon my Great Rising in the Time of the Awakening, was not listened to.

‘No more will I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, send my Divine Word to the planet of the people once the Great Time of the Awakening has ended, as now it is time for the great gathering to take place, for those who are humble within the heart. It is now the time for the people to learn to work in union with THE GREAT FATHER and allow peace to come to the earth and within their heart.

‘Gone will be the many lifetimes of suffering, as now is the time for the freedom. Divine Truth will always bring freedom. All prophecies must be fulfilled, and I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, prophesied a long time ago on your planet that I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, would return, and so I have, together with my Divine Word; the one who was always my Divine Word.

‘My purpose will always remain the same as I, THE GREAT FATHER, AM eternal. What I state will so happen.

‘Come all children of the light and rejoice in the higher ways. Learn to understand that true contentment lies in spiritual connection of all of life. Learn that, to have material abundance, when it is used to furthering the purpose of Divine Love upon your earth, will give you many more treasures.’

The treasures of the people are empty as they cannot give you eternal life, but those who use the treasures of the earth to bring my Divine Word to all spaces, to allow Divine Will to be heard and for the blessings to be brought to the people and to all the earth, their treasures will be blessed; both on the earth and in the higher realms of existence.

When one uses the material treasures for furthering Divine Purpose, then those riches upon the earth will multiply, as it is used to bring good to many people. One person desiring to bring many to ‘The Great Mountain of Light’ will become eternally rich in all the great riches coming in all the universes.

In the higher love universes no poverty exists. The greater you desired to do Divine Will upon your planet, the more abundance you will have in the higher universes, for all your desires upon the earth magnify upwards.

What you create upon your planet now, is what you are creating with everlastingly. Therefore, the ones who understand this and understand the time you are living in, and act upon it, are greatly blessed.

In the greater realms all live eternally. Nothing can bring an end to all you have gained in the greater realms. How happy the people will be when they understand the greatness that can be before them.

Therefore, do not ask, how much wealth can you accumulate upon the earth; rather ask, ‘How can I use my wealth to further Divine Will upon the earth, for then Divine will guide me and protect my wealth, for is it not the Will of Divine that millions come into ‘The Great Mountain of Light,’ and become healed into the light?

The wise ones reason upon this and understand how important it is to bring healing to the people upon your planet.

Healing the world is a collective love work that can happen when many come together and see the importance. I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, state you do not know the importance or the strength of what I, THE GREAT LORD, can gift to the people if they understand this message.

These messages Jesus also spoke about, and many of the leaders did not desire to allow Jesus to take the lead to bring a whole new consciousness into being. Therefore, they saw Jesus as a threat.

They were not ready to allow Divine Will to take place. They did not desire Divine to have a Voice upon the earth. They did not desire to understand the power Divine could bring to the leaders; if they desired to work in Collective Divine Union.

When the people upon your earth understand this, then your world can change as all things are possible.

‘In all ways, understand that nothing is impossible in the eyes of Divine. When your faith is strong, all things can be moved. Whole mountains can be moved with the strength of Divine. Do you not think HE can do that? HE created all things. Always stay in the love and pray you will see all things when THE GREAT FATHER returns, for all things are possible.

When HE returns the people will not see the way out. They will look at the world and moan at the world, seeing all the pain and suffering. They will say, ‘Woe is me.’

‘However, if they choose to look upwards, and see the closeness of their deliverance and how all things can be changed, then that one will celebrate this time. They will be within their heart and rejoice in these times.

Therefore, never lose hope or trust, for know that all things THE GREAT FATHER sees, and HE is looking for those who desire to listen to HIM. It is those who will be guided to a place of eternal peace and love.’ All this Jesus brought through 2,000 years ago.

It was not the words the spiritual and the governmental leaders desired to hear; they desired their own ruling. Hence, they ensured that no one had the courage to speak about THE DIVINE FATHER by bringing the great pain to Jesus, my Word, as an ‘example’ of ‘rebellion.’

Now you do have an opportunity to change all your ways. Will you desire to see the rising of the Sun Consciousness happen upon your planet?

Greetings, I AM SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT. Happy are those who have been searching for Divine Truth for many lifetimes. They have stayed awake, and now they are being gathered to the Mountain of Light.

Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel
Divine Love Element & Universal Light Grid Programmer of THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON.

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