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Automatic Ascension Of Humanity

25/01/2019 - Latest News

Namaste, I wish you much love

I wish you great love, peace and courage at this crucial time in the history of the earth; a time we have experienced in other parallel time cycles, and never been able to move beyond.

Here I would like to explore the teachings of CAEAYARON (transmitted through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel), in order to answer questions and opinions posed to me recently.

In each time cycle of the earth, humanity has infected the living earth it is part of, and eroded the natural balance and sustainability of its living systems and functions, until all things died. This is an external mirror of how the beautiful Lemurian light beings were infected with the pain and fear viruses in Lemuria, having chosen for the Yahweh channel of silken hypnotic words and tones, who enchanted them into rebellion and who they voted for, together with Thoth and his Spin Doctor, resulting in their great fall into the human template within the cave of Wo, within Blackhole Lucifer's growing disorder, density, gravity and entropy (growing disorder of the collective balanced system of life into the separation and selfishness of "I can do what I want consciousness").

Imagine cells in a body refusing to work together, as a loving collective to form a greater bodily function, yet this is what humanity voted in, while turning against the collective love consciousness of following Divine Will on earth as it is in Heaven. As a result, time after time, all natural order and health broke down into greater decay and death.

Let us celebrate the return of the Christ Child, The Great Mountain Of Light, CAEAYARON, and the Great Sovereign Lord and Father in the heavens EMMANUEL, who have returned in the last minutes to offer human earth one last chance, for this is the last cycle for humanity and the human earth, which is otherwise now beyond repair.

How blessed we all are, but how many are grateful?

Much of humanity still reject this life saving mission, which is their only hope, for many expect Automatic Ascension into a 5th, or higher dimensions, for all of humanity through doing nothing! Why? Because they believe they are greatly loved and that it is their Divine Right to ascend for all the suffering they have experienced during their explorations, as is the way of the karma of the lessons of Yahweh and Thoth who they voted in.

The star systems of the universes were linked to human earth, which enabled the Great Darkness to power up their dark star being universes to bring the light and love universes and Stars crashing down. This led to the Great Darkness being cut off from the greater love and light universes in Lemuria; imagine what would happen to the Divinely Guided Collective Love Consciousness Creation of the higher Heavens if the fear, anger, envy, competition and disease viruses of humanity were permitted to ascend into them once again!

Uhh...please think again dear humanity, for first you must heal self and then align with the higher universes before you can go to those spaces of loving and peaceful creation through pure loving thought power, free of fear, anger and disease!

Our reality is within, though we experience it projected outwards into the collective human template virtual reality of free will, where we reap what we sow, as we are reincarnated again and again to experience the consequences of our own actions.

Humanity became cut off from the universes of the heart (within) to experience the reality of the fear and anger infected programmed Thoth METATRON grids of gravity and density (without), when the collective in Lemuria chose for the loveless dimensions of the Yahweh and Thoth universes. This resulted in our virtual pineal gland crystalline grid of love internet being disconnected, for that is what the free will of the human voted in, and chose for. They created their own reality upon the earth.

The activated of CAEAYARON choose to leave the human grids and move to the healing grids of CAEAYARON, to forgive, release and let go of the fear, pain and disease. They voted for Divinely guided collective love consciousness and are healing and powering up their world grids to align to the higher star universes of love and harmony.

The Great Divine Loves all, and this is the life time of freedom for the trillions in the Galactic Federations of Light and love to Ascend with the activated of CAEAYARON. This is possible because the Divine Love Element has won back all universal Love Codes, and therefore the earth game! She is now free to create evolution in the higher spaces again and to ascend all up who prove their desire for Divinely guided Collective Love Consciousness, together with the trillions in the Galactic Federations of Light!

The rest of humanity, who continue rejecting the collective of Great Divine Will in this life time, to live in the grids of self guided desire and manifestation, may have that also, while the collective oneness ascend without them for ever more. CAEAYARON and METATRON strongly recommend they do not choose for this option, however, since they will fall further into greater darkness and entropy after the light ascends from the earth.

While the Ascension Gates are open and the Divine Love Element is growing and well upon the human earth plane there is still hope for the earth of humanity.

How wonderful that The Great Divine maintains the promises made, free of judgement. If humanity vote for the free will of competition and emotions of the many different and conflicting ways of men, then that is not judged. Their wars are not judged, for that is their free will choice.

Personally I pray that the Nations change their world, by changing their selves and choosing for the most beautiful activations into Divinely Guided Collective Love Consciousness, which harmonizes with the higher dimensions of peace and collective love of the higher self, so all can be saved and align upwards. Then, entropy may be reversed and fear, anger, pain and disease will be no more, allowing the exploration of the Great Loving abundance for ever more in peace and harmony.

I wish much love and great forgiveness. Stephen